Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm not dead, just sick!

Farmers are the only people I know that still have to work when they are sick. Even on their death bed, the needs of the animals depend on the farmer. I've been sick for awhile, first with sinus and head colds and now with the all out flu. I don't get sick often, but don't realize how much I actually NEED to do each day when I AM sick.

I've had a hundred things to blog about, but too sore, tired, and miserable to be able to do much. Everytime I feel good, I go out and do chores only to feel bad again. Last evening my dad did my chores. Its not something I ask of often as its my responsibility, not his. I missed my time with the critters. I hate sitting around and I hate watching TV. You can only watch so much and sit for so long and I've done it for four days. That's four days too many!

I promise to be back soon. I know you've missed me ;)

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