Monday, July 6, 2015

Our resutls for our rams are finally back from Texas A&M. We had collected the samples in March, when its ideal, but had not sent them in due to lack of time and funds.
Below are the four rams we used last fall, and are the sires of this years' lambs:

WhitePine Carver (mioget smirslet sokket, horned, third year fleece)
 AFD 25, SD 5.6, CV 22.5, CEM 8.9, CF 83.3, SF 24.6

WhitePine 1334 (gray katmoget horned, second year fleece)
 AFD 20.9, SD 3.8, CV 18.1, CEM 7, CF99.1, SF 19.8

WhitePine City High AI (gray katmoget horned, fourth year fleece)
 AFD 28.6, SD 4.4, CV 22.5, CEM 8.9, CF 67.3, SF 26.7

UnderTheSon Duke Cardiff (musket horned fourth year fleece) 
AFD 28.2, SD 5.6, CV 19.9, CEM 10.1, CF 68.7, SF 27.2

City High is available for sale, now that we have lambs from him. He is F1 Lightning, F2 Jericho with outstanding conformation, great horns, mellow personality, dense fleece with nice length. Perfect tail. He's actually most likely shaela, and he carries solid and moorit recessively. $500.
Carver and 1334 are in my freezer (and very tasty!) Duke will be used again this fall.
The other ram for sale is the white, two year old. 
WP1315 white horned ram (carries horned ewe gene) second fleece test AFD 24.9, SD 5.5, CV 22.0, CEM 10.6, CF 8.8, SF 24.4

The other four rams I will be using this fall are listed below with their numbers:
WhitePine 1311 (shaela, horned, second fleece) AFD 25.5, SD 5, CV 19.7, CEM 9, CF 86.1, SF 24.6
WhitePine 1356 (moorit, horned, second fleece) AFD 21.6, SD 4.8, CV 22, CEm 9.2, CF 95.4, SF 21.2
Whistlestop 1123 (black light badgerface horned fourth fleece ) AFD 22.7, SD 5.3 CV 23.2, CEM 10.1, CF 90.7, SF 22.6
ShelteringPines King Louie (moorit horned first fleece) AFD 20.5, SD 5, CV 19.7, CEM 9, CF 97.9, SF 20.3
I am really pleased with the quality of these horned rams, and what the future direction will be of my flock.

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