Current Flock Sires

Our current stock of horned, fine fleeced Shetlands come mostly from my own flock. There are not a lot of horned, fine fleeced breeders, so one must make their own stock to use!

WhitePine Loki - white horned -

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine Lunna

1st fleece micron results:
AFD 21.8, SD 4.1, CV 18.7, CEM 7.3, CF 98, SF 20.8, CRV84.2

Loki was used last fall as a ram lamb over 9 white ewes. The results were whites, blacks, moorits and modifieds. He also carries spots.

WhitePine Supay - horned black light badgerface flecket yuglet sokket

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine Skellister

1st fleece micorn results:
AFD 18.5, SD 3.9, CV 21.3, CEM 7.5, CF 99.9, SF 18, CRV 97.8

Supay will be used fall 2017 in my mission to preserve the light badgerface pattern, as well as tease out some more spotted lambs, as most of my ewes carry the gene for spots. Carries horned ewe genetics.

WhitePine Vishnu - horned fawn katmoget

WhitePine City High AI x Whistlestop 1201

1st fleece:
AFD 21.4, SD 4.3, CV 20.2, CEM 8, CF 97.5, SF 20.7, CRV 70.7

He was used for 2017 lambs and will be retained for future use.

WhitePine Nechtan - horned musket

UnderTheSon Duke Cardiff x WhitePine Noche Bueno

1st fleece:
AFD: 20.5, SD 3.5, CV 17.1, CEM 6.9, CF 99.4, SF 19.3, CRV 104.8

He will be used in the fall of 2017, and then offered for sale. He carries horned ewe genetics possibly so excited for that!

WhitePine Nacoma - horned fawn katmoget

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine New Glarus (horned ewe)

1st fleece:
AFD 19.3, SD 3.7, CV 19.2, CEM 7, CF 99.4, SF 18.5, CRV 79.2
He will be used  fall 2017 to make more katmoget babies! he carries spots most like as both parents do and his twin sister is a flecket! He also is out of a horned ewe.

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