Who we are

Ramsay Farms is situated in the northeastern part of Ottertail County, near Perham, Minnesota. This family farm of 320 acres has been in the Ramsay family for five generations, dating back to 1892. Today our farm prides itself on our Simmental cattle, Shetland Sheep and BlueFaced Leicester sheep. We strive to breed animals that closest match the breed standards given to them, and mindful of production, health and longevity in our animals as well.
In spring of 2016, there was a purchase of 32 acres in Green County, Wisconsin to accommodate Garrett for his work in that region. The animals have for the most part been moved to that location. Both locations will work in tandem to continue educating and promoting these animals and this way of life.

Current Flock Sires

Our current stock of horned, fine fleeced Shetlands come mostly from my own flock. There are not a lot of horned, fine fleeced breeders, so one must make their own stock to use!

The first ram I had the honor of getting from ShelteringPines in Michigan. This was the pick of the rams that year, and it was their last breeding year. 

Sheltering Pines King Louis - 2014 horned moorit

Sheltering Pines Fandango (spotted and horned) x Sheltering Pines Debonaire (one of my favorites)

His second micron report was:
AFD 24.2, SD 4.8, CV 20.0, CEM 8.7, CF 88.9, SF 23.4, CRV 77.3

He is a fully horned, conformationally correct and has a beautiful deep moorit fleece. I haven't used him yet so excited to use him this fall. He roos easily each spring.

WhitePine Crosby - horned 2013 gray katmoget SSS inspected/approved

WinterTime Jazz AI x Sheltering Pines Classique (2012 Res Ch Ewe WSWF)

Crosby went to do some work in Black River Falls for a few years but she was needing new blood, so I told her I would take him back and utilize him here.

His third year fleece was:

AFD 28.4, SD 5.1, CV 17.9, CEM 7.8, CF 64.7, SF 26.9, CRV 60.6

I'm excited to use him on a lot of katmogets this fall.

KSpirit Farm Cedar - horned 2013 mioget gulmoget

PikeHill Acer AI x Painted Knoll Kiah

Cedar is a beautifully fleece ram from New Hampshire who I will be using this fall on a group of girls. I"ve been trying for crimpy fine gulmogets for what feels like a decade, and hope to have more next spring by using him!


WhitePine Loki - white horned -

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine Lunna

1st fleece micron results:
AFD 21.8, SD 4.1, CV 18.7, CEM 7.3, CF 98, SF 20.8, CRV84.2

Loki was used last fall as a ram lamb over 9 white ewes. The results were whites, blacks, moorits and modifieds. He also carries spots.

WhitePine Supay - horned black light badgerface flecket yuglet sokket

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine Skellister

1st fleece micorn results:
AFD 18.5, SD 3.9, CV 21.3, CEM 7.5, CF 99.9, SF 18, CRV 97.8

Supay will be used fall 2017 in my mission to preserve the light badgerface pattern, as well as tease out some more spotted lambs, as most of my ewes carry the gene for spots

WhitePine Vishnu - horned fawn katmoget

WhitePine City High AI x Whistlestop 1201

1st fleece:
AFD 21.4, SD 4.3, CV 20.2, CEM 8, CF 97.5, SF 20.7, CRV 70.7

He will be used on quite a few ewes fall of 2017. I am so excited to use him!

WhitePine Nechtan - horned musket

UnderTheSon Duke Cardiff x WhitePine Noche Bueno

1st fleece:
AFD: 20.5, SD 3.5, CV 17.1, CEM 6.9, CF 99.4, SF 19.3, CRV 104.8

He will sit 2016 out, but will be used in the fall of 2017. he carries horned ewe genetics possibly so excited for that!

WhitePine Nacoma - horned fawn katmoget

WhitePine Carver x WhitePine New Glarus (horned ewe)

1st fleece:
AFD 19.3, SD 3.7, CV 19.2, CEM 7, CF 99.4, SF 18.5, CRV 79.2
He will be used  fall 2017 to make more katmoget babies! he carries spots most like as both parents do and his twin sister is a flecket!

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