Shetland Ewes

Our flock currently consists of 40 purebred mature Shetland ewes (over 2 years of age) and 22 yearlings  (born in 2015) that are being over wintered for evaluation. Shetlands will, without any assistance, reproduce well in to their teens.

The following ewes are ewes that were purchased from other flocks. Please scroll down to see ewes bred at WhitePine/Ramsay Farms.

We have had tremendous success with ewes from Sheltering Pines in Allegan, Michigan. Stephen breeds 1927 standard Shetlands with fine fleece, that would improve anyone's flocks.

Below are the ewes we have purchased from him in the past, that are still being utilized in our flock.

ShelteringPines Classique - Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa, Ss/Ss, MM/Mm - Is a lovely moorit based ewe that was Reserve Grand champion ewe at Jefferson in 2012! Thank you for allowing her to come to Minnesota Stephen! She is out o V Creek Guinevere, who is also a lovely ewe that I've always admired.

ShelteringPines Bengal - gray katmoget

We also have several other ewes, due to flock liquidations, drought and/or moving:

Lancien Aida - white
PS23 Irene - black

Home bred ewes:

2011 born ewes- 
WhitePine Pacena - Bb/Bb Ag/Aa SS/S? -  F2 greyling F3 Orion. musket ewe. FirthofFifth Nekomis x OwlHill Pranilla AI

2012 born ewes-
WhitePine Taconite - BB/Bb At/Aa SS/Ss black gulmoget. OK Acres Cadillac x BlackForest Tilly.

2013 born ewes-

WhitePine Neap - Albf/A? - Black light badgerface. Whistlestop 1123 x WhitePine Naomi

WhitePine Ady - Albf/Aa BB/Bb SS/S? - black light badgerface. Whistlestop 1123 x FirthofFifth Ashegon.

WhitePine Aithsetter - Ab/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss gray katmoget smirslet sokket. WhitePine Flo rida AI x WhitePine Adele Ai. F2 Orion F2 Holly.

2015 born ewes- 

A breed I can't stay away from

its true I guess that I would be first known for the fine wooled Shetland Sheep that I have procured and traveled across the USA and UK to ...