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Sale sheep

With a potential move (again) I am decreasing my flock numbers. These are the sheep I have available as of this time. There may be a few more added as the summer goes on. Ewes will be available after June 15th, rams are available any time.

$325 ShelteringPines Classique2010fawn smirslet sokket$300 WhitePine Nina Sky AI2010gray katmoget smirslet sokket$200 WhitePine Bivina2012musket$300 PS23 Josey2013moorit$350 WhitePine Neap2013black light badgerface$300 UndertheSon 141492015moorit$300 UndertheSon 141482015fawn katmoget$300 PS23 Lisal2015musket$350 WhitePine Atina2015 moorit$300 WhitePine Delemont2016grayrams$400 Kspirit Farm Cedar2013mioget gulmoget$350 WhitePine Spiez2016shaela$350 WhitePine2016moorit$350 WhitePine Stans2016gray katmoget$350 WhitePine Payerne2016mioget  

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