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Ramsay Farms is situated in the northeastern part of Ottertail County, near Perham, Minnesota. This family farm of 320 acres has been in the Ramsay family for five generations, dating back to 1892. Today our farm prides itself on our Simmental cattle, Shetland Sheep and BlueFaced Leicester sheep. We strive to breed animals that closest match the breed standards given to them, and mindful of production, health and longevity in our animals as well.
In spring of 2016, there was a purchase of 32 acres in Green County, Wisconsin to accommodate Garrett for his work in that region. The animals have for the most part been moved to that location. Both locations will work in tandem to continue educating and promoting these animals and this way of life.

Monday, November 7, 2016

WhitePine Vinshu breeding group (6 of 6)

 WhitePine Vinshu - fawn katmoget - horned ram (WhitePine City High AI x Whistlestop 1201) was chosen really last minute as we were not able to use Pluto, like  we anticipated.

Vinshu is a handsome fella, whos' first fleece sample microned around 20 AFD. He is conformationally sound, with great horns and a great prescence.  Most of his ewes are brown based but hoping for really pretty babies to move forward with. Not the best shot of the ewes, and now they are coated as well, so can't see a lot but descriptions are below:

These two ewes are WhitePine Nemesis (WhitePine Carver x WhitePine New Glarus)(1st place colored lamb fleece out of 31 fleeces at MSBBA fleece show 2016) and WhitePine Jah (WhitePine Perfection x ShelteringPines Bengal.

ShelteringPines Classique - fawn/light moorit - reserve Ch ewe 2012 under Letty Klein. She will be offered for sale in 2017 as I'm moving out my moorit ewes. Love her ewe lineage and she's produced well.

Sheltering Pines Anais - gray katmoget - triplet sister to about ewe, Classique. Hoping for some lovely katmogets from this match.

PS23 Josey - moorit - ewe who i retained her ram and ewe lambs from this year, and so next summer she'll be available as well. Smaller ewe who produces well.

UnderTheSon 14148 moorit - from Theresa Gygi's flock. she's well put together ewe whos very typey.

WhitePine Nemesis - horned gray katmoet yuglet sokket flecket - Carver x New Glarus. she carries modified as well.

WhitePine Jah - fawn katmoget (Perfection x Bengal) hoping for typey correct katmogets!

WhitePine Nike - moorit smirslet sokket - Carver x WhitePine NinaSky AI - Truly hoping for dark farn katmoget. Trying to see if Vinshu carries spots

WhitePine Nicevenn - WhitePine Perfection x WhitePine Noss - dark gray katmoget, love her fleece and look.

Overall I expect these sheep to be quality sheep, that conform to the breed standard as clarified by appendix A. That means looking like sheep from the UK, with correct breed type, correct wool characteristics and all the primitive qualities that make us love the Shetlands so much. I'm really trying to produce quality sheep in all colors/patterns but really love the katmogets, Ags, and whites.

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