Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ShelteringPines King Louis' breeding group (5 of 6)

King Louis was one of the last ram lambs of superior quality that Stephen bred before he had to move from his farm. He was, in my opinion, the best lamb that year. And aside from a shorter fleece, he has all the qualites i'm after in a ram. Fine, Crimpy, Dense, Silky, Lustrous. I've been wanting to use him for a few winters and this is his one chance here. Since I'm moving out my moorits, he has been sold, but I've been able to keep him to use him this fall. The logical ewes to put with him are the Ag or double patterned ewes, in hopes of getting more Ag lambs. They all have a bit longer fleece to hopefully have lambs with their length, but his crimp.

Louis's dam is a ewe I've long admired of Stephens, and if you ask me, he has always been, and still remains, one of the top breeders of 1927 Standard Shetlands.

WhitePine Noss is in here to be bred and then moved. She was purchased last month and I"m excited to see what she has with Louis.

WhitePine Brettabister is a fawn katmoget ewe, SSS inspected/passed in 2015. Last year she produced a stunning ram lamb, but will be offering her for sale as a bred ewe as I believe she's polled. (WhistleStop 1222 x WhitePine Blu Cantrell AI) Her grandmother is a polled ewe, Lambo, who I had an is an credible pedigree. Sire is nothing but island genetics and he was well put together as well.

UnderTheSon Viva - Ag/kat (triplet sister to Duke) is here and she produced an interesting ewe lamb with a gulmoget sire this spring, so putting her with Duke to make sure she is genetically Ag/Ab and not something else.

PS23 Ingrid - gray - (Sommarang Gilroy x PS23 Edelwiss) is from Laura's flock and she has a beautiful dark blue fleece for an Ag. hoping that she produces that, as Louis is such a dark, rich moorit color.

PS23 Irene - black - (Sommarang Gilroy x PS23 Funzie) is another from Laura. She produced twin ram lambs this year and so hoping for lovely black ewe lambs from this pairing next year.

PS23 Lisal - musket (PS23 Knight x PS23 Jessica) is another ewe I bought from Laura. I'd wish for better ears on her, but otherwise she's lovely. She's a grandaughter to PS23 Isabelle who i cherished but ended up selling to a newer FF breeder.

WhitePine Nivea AI - Gray katmoget (Todhill Jericho x ShelteringPines Nirvana) is homozygous katmoget so i'm cheating here and getting katmogets from this breeding! hoping her luster and his crimp combine for some great fleece.

WhitePine Neap - black light badgerface (Whistlestop 1123 x WhitePine Naomi) horned ewe produced lovely lambs the last two years, so hoping for another ewe lamb I can retain and then offer her up for sale. Finer crimp, with her length of fleece would be ideal.

WhitePine Gaia - gray katmoget (WhitePine City High AI x ShelteringPines Classique) is a ewe who is put together so well, just hope for crimp, as she has the length.

WhitePine Nemetona - gray katmoget (WhitePine 1334 Perfection x WhitePine Nivea AI) is a dark katmoget I'm hoping will produce more blue/gray fleece with Louis' dark moorit.

WhitePine Marpesia - musket (UnderTheSon Duke Cardiff x ShelteringPines Mademoiselle) is a fantastic ewe. No matter how you look at her she's pretty perfect. Hoping for more Ag lambs.

Overall i was looking for his density and crimp and dark color to be used on these ewes. I'll be offering Neap, Nivea, Ingrid and Irene for sale next year out of this group.

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