Monday, August 7, 2017

A breed I can't stay away from

its true I guess that I would be first known for the fine wooled Shetland Sheep that I have procured and traveled across the USA and UK to find just the 'right' group of sheep for my flock. I spend most of my day at lteast thinking about Shetlands in one form or another (wool, breeding groups, lambs, evals, etc) 

Another breed I was fascinated with since my initial quest in to sheep is the Leicester Longwool. Back in 2011 (which feels like yesterday), I had brought a pair back from Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon. The ram stayed here for quite a few years producing crossbred market lambs. 

After having to leave the farm in Minnesota, and a transfer with work, and moving 6 times myself (and 3 for the sheep), we have found our 'home'. We are continuing to look at adjacent pasture land, with the hopes of renting or purchasing. It was with that in mind, that these guys came to me last fall, but a favorite person, of mine, Anne Camper of Montana. 

The photos below are of the lambs I got before they made their trek this way. I hope to have new photos of them as they have grown a LOT since last fall and I am so pleased with them and how they are growing and developing. 

Part of my reason for wanting something so very different than fine fleeced Shetland is two fold. Part one was to have a different type of fleece available to customers. My second part was to help ensure a critically rare heritage breed be saved, even if i was a very small part of it. This breed has helped to create over 300 other breeds since its 'standardizing' days. They are personable, friendly, mellow sheep who, so far, have been easy keepers and non complainers (unlike Shetlands who demand everything immediately).

I will have lambs available in summer 2018.

I am so thankful to Anne Camper for allowing these lambs to come to me, via Kate Cox (thank you for hauling them Kate!) They have really found a way in to my heart to solidfy a spot always here for some LLs. 

AC Riggs is my ram. A natural colored chap with a great disposition and fleece.
Twin, DOB 4/5/16 JM Darcy x JJ Bella
AI lines: NZ Ebony 17/03,  AUS Jarob Yellow 36, AUS Ostler's Hill Chequers

AC Rowan - white ewe - DOB 3/26/16 twin DB Wickham x AC Jenny, carries color. She has really grown in to herself and I am so excited about her!
AI Lines: UK Parson's Pride T1, NZ Ebony 17/03

AC Roux - english blue - DOB 4/2/16 Single. DB Wickham x AC Lillian.
AI Lines: NZ Ebony 17/03

AC Remedy - English blue -  3/20/16 twin - DB Wickham x AC Noddy
AI Lines: NZ Ebony 17/03,  AUS Jarob Yellow 36

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