Monday, June 28, 2010

More sheep photos

While I was out obsessing over poop (see previous post) I took some more lamb photos. I swear the same 10 sheep surround me when I have a camera. When I turn it off and put it away, the entire flock comes and lays down around me (something I think is so awesome that they trust me so much!) To be around their prescense, their calm, trusting gives me goosebumps...and complete stress reliever!

Well here she is! WSR Alisa is a light badgerface ewe. She's also moorit based. She is NOT katmoget although its very similiar. She's born katmoget but her belly and neck stripes fade. Its similiar to APPEARANCE to an Ag Katmoget (moget face) but its genetically different. This ewe is Alb/Aa so she'll produce solid lambs and light badgerface. If she were Ag Katmoget she's only be Ag/Ab and could not produce solid lambs. Confused yet? :)

Below are my Shirehill Minder yearling rams out of Underhill Ulla. Ulla is Aa/Aa and Minder is Ab/Ag. So below....Uphaz is on our left. He's musket (Ag/Aa) and smirslet/sokket. Also note his odd growing horns. Fatal horns or poll carrier? Ulam is on the right. Note he APPEARS to be moget face (Ag/Ab) but he genetically cannot be. I believe he is also light badger face like Alisa above. He genetically should be Alb/Aa (Aa from his mother Ulla remember!). He'll get three Aa/Aa ewes this fall to prove my theory correct. IF that is the case...most of the katmogets from Minder are not katmoget, but actually light badger face. Note his neck stripe is missing. He had one as lamb! His horns are also much nice than his brothers. Uphaz will be going to the butcher wtih 5 other rams (yes he's F1!)

This gray katmoget is ShelteringPines Veni Vedi Vici. He is twin to Rich's Blues Clues and is out of Winterime Blues (Jazz's twin brother) and V Creek Guinevere. Guinevere is such a producer! This boy is available for lease this fall as I refuse to use another katmoget this fall :) He looks a lot like his sire, Blues. He COULD be homozygous katmoget, but we haven't used him yet so can't say.

This doll face is a WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie) out of WhitePine Neriah (Blues x Nirvana). This girl has one of my blue-ist fleeces in my flock. She also has large leathery patches on her head (yes she IS a ewe!). She's definitely a keeper!
Below is my white girl RYL Rachildas. (She's for sale) She's Awt/Ag but man she produces lovely stuff! The spotted/horned girl is WhitePine Salome (Jazz x S.P. Snow Cloud). The yearlings really are growing fast on the rich pastures (the pasture in the photos is their evening and winter paddock so it doesn't get a chance to grow much). Salome is not my finest ewe, but she is black (Aa/Aa) and spotted and horned. I really appreciate horned ewes!
Below is Owl Hill Miss Lilly (F1 Holly F2 Orion amongst others) and her Orion Son. He's going to be scurred.....and he's a gorgeous crimpy mioget with a krunet! His name is White Pine Maxwell.
Here are my two fawn katmoget ram lambs. The one on the left is going back to Oregon to Wally's flock. He traded me Alisa for a moorit based katmoget that doesn't fade (Ab). His ram is also homozygous katmoget and is F1/F3 Minder. Beautiful horns and crimp is really coming in now (see that birth coat just was teasing me!) The ram on the right is Booto's boy again. Note the horn difference.

Here are the boys again...with the youngest lamb in the flock! Look at the Minder boy's rear and tail in the foreground! I think Wally will really like him!
This black ram is out of Campaign Timothy and RiverOaks Eliza. this a good enough rear shot? He's so black its hard to get a good photo of him...especially in the shade....standing....
FirthofFifth Ashegon (Blues x Ashanti) and her Jericho daughter White Pine Aliyah. Ashegon is an extremely feminine ewe, most of my yearlings are already bigger than her, but Ashegon has produced this lovely ewe. She's also unrelated to my Orion moorits so she'll be a nice outcross!

Obsessed with Poop

That's right.

You read that right!

Parasites such as worms are really one of my biggest nightmares in sheep. Our cattle have not been wormed for a decade and have not had any worms to speak of since then. We've also had a closed herd for quite some time. Our cows also go to pastures away from our farmyard which helps to break the egg cycle. They also calve in a 'clean' pasture every spring and then that pasture sits empty the rest of the year.

Sheep are little more tricky. Shetlands are amazing stoic with worms. Most are quite resistant. BFLs being an improved breed, tend to be less resistant to worms and I have to work with them a bit harder.

I became so obsessed with fecal tests the past few years that I finally purhased a microscope and all the necessary mediums, supplies, slides, etc to 'do it myself' (and save a butt load of money not having to take them to the vet every week). I am now able to test EACH sheep and I'm VERY happy to report ZERO worms that I've detected in my samples. To make sure I'm on top of my game, I take every 15th or 20th sample and give half to the vet and half to myself to see if I'm just missing something. I'm happy to say I am NOT missing anything, because they aren't there!

Granted some things can NOT be seen under the microscope like tapes...but I check their stools for 'sections' of tapes....and haven't found any of those either. And yes, I am squatting in the pasture, seaching the poop pellets and holding some up to the sun and breaking them in half. LOL. I guess you can say I'm a big obsessed.

Flock/Herd health is paramount here. Besides fecal tests I also rotate the sheep through paddocks for grazing. Every 6-9 days I rotate the girls through their paddocks to a new paddock that hasn't been grazed in at least 4 weeks.

Besides fecal tests and rotational grazing...I also blood test for several contagious diseases. OPP, Johne's, CL and BTV in that order of importance. It has been a HUGE expense the past several years as I have brought in new stock and there is a need to have TWO negative tests at least 6 months apart to be considered Flock Negative. After that 20% of your flock should be selected at random to continue to make sure you are negative, and that no false positives occur.

Its an added expense that I whole heartedly believe in. I put more weight into that then I do the Scrapie Program. No offense to anyone involved in the Voluntary Program and are certified. I don't believe there is enough evidence for me to jump on that bandwagon. I joined it merely to be able to AI my sheep. Since that is not a requirement any longer, I am no longer involved in the Voluntary Program.

Water testing (for toxins), feed testing (for toxins, protein, minerals etc) and ventilation are also key to a healthy, happy herd/flock.

You cannot have a successful, productive flock/herd if you do not have their health at the forefront of your best interest.

Now saying this I still seem to find things that happen to my flock, but I am able to at least scratch parasites and contagious diseases off of the 'what caused it' list.

Tune in next time.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shetland, BFL, Mule, andTexel cross lambs

I'm finding it impossible to take 'good' lambphotos. This first photo is the HORNED gray katmoget ewe lamb out of Jazz and Suzanne's ewe that she has here called Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud. This lambs fleece on her butt was kinda 'fluffy' (not fuzzy!) in the wind today. I love her dark red facial markings and she was spotted at birth so remember that!

Below is the moorit ram lamb out of ShelteringPines Myra and WhitePine Ephraim. He's a stunner. He could be available to the right buyer!
Below I think it is him again (or its Layla's Orion son who looks nearly identical) and WhitePine Rush's (Aman x Rachildas) daughter out of Jazz.
Rush's girl again walking by for me.
Here we have a few katmoget lambs. The smirslet fawn kat in front is out of WhitePine Ephraim (full horned) and FirthofFifth Booto. Booto's twin brother is Barish, who is a proven poll carrier. I think Booto must also carry polled...look at these whimpy horns!

Behind him are two gray katmoegt ewe lambs. Both out of WhitePine Levi. The left one is Sedalia's ewe lamb and the one hiding is out of Sommarang Eva. Sedalia's lamb head looks shaped differently than Eva's lambs. I"m guessing the one on the left is a poll carrier while the other one isn't.
Booto's boy again (hes for sale! F2 Orion F2 Timothy) spotted and carries solid.
Here he is with his momma Booto. Booto looks more like her mother everyday in the face!

The next two photos are of WhitePine CastleRock (Jazz x Chloe) and her WhitePine Roman (Orion x Rachildas) ewe lamb. Look at that growthly lamb!
Nearly book ends....
A great size comparison! The BFL lamb is my Beeston Titan AI lamb out of Beechtree Kearsley. The white in the middle is a Texel x Shetland-Cheviot cross ewe lamb. The ewe on the right is Booto walking away. Booto is three. The BFL and Texel cross are MAYBE 8 weeks old! EIGHT WEEKS!!
Autumn's fancy Mule Ewe lambs out of ShelteringPines Burma (English Blue BFL).
This is Minwawe Dark Chocolate (black Shetland) with ONE of her mule ram lambs. They are three and half weeks younger than Autumn's lambs but still are both REALLY gaining well.
Her is a moorit 8 year old Shetland ewe (Minwawe Flopsy) who is between two 2 year old BFL ewes. Amazing the size difference when they are side by side huh?
Texel x Shetland Mule ewe lamb. She looks tasty! I can't wait to try them out this fall!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Favorite Ewe Lamb...

A favorite ewe lamb of mine....she is 79.5% out of Campaign Timothy and WhitePine Centennial (Jazz x Chloe, also twin to Castle Rock). Centennial has really decided now (at two) to be extremely friendly like her mother Chloe. This ewe lamb runs up to me and stares at me, but won't let me scratch her, but she sure gives me the once over (or 100 times over) every time she see's me.

Centennial was my favorite lamb from 2008, and still remains one of my favorite ewes..both in structure, and fleece. I think her girl is a stunner too.

In this photo Momma Centennial is getting rooed. I sheared early this year in hopes of having longer fleeces for the shows, but most of the ewes (no rams) all went through the rise late May/early June. *sigh*

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lambs that make me smile and Jefferson planning

I love walking the pasture and seeing the lambs growing. My there are some really nice growthy lambs this year! There are always a few that really stand out and I keep finding them, no matter how hard I try to find 'all' the lambs.

I'm trying to plan my lambs and yearlings to take to the show in Jefferson this year.

This is what I have so far:

2 Mule ewe lambs
1 yearling Mule ewe with Texel lamb.

1 BFL ram lamb
2 BFL yearling white ewes
1 BFL yearling colored ewe
2 BFL aged colored ewes
2 BFL aged white ewes

2 Shetland ram lambs (I have about four I want to take!)
2 Shetland ewe lambs - I can't decide if I should take 2 white ewe lambs or a white and a gray katmoget. I would assume for 'pairs' they should be identical as can be? I have quite a few I really love this year.
2 Shetland yearling ewes. Such choices here too.
2 Shetland aged ewes.

If you notice I'm not taking any yearling Shetland rams. Their pasture is small and I must feed hay year round to them. They grow much slower than I'd like and my yearlings would be considered 'too small to compete today' if I took them to show.

Gosh I sure hope Briony plans on coming I need lots of help showing!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I stand corrected!

Thank you Karen for pointing out some long lost Enfield Greyling in Wally's stock. As luck would have it....WSR Alisa (the ewe I brought home) is 1.5625% UK!! :)

I have plans on breeding her to UnderTheSon Arapaho, the dark moorit, to see if she is in fact light badgerface patterned.

Available Immediately

I have the following ewes available for sale. As always, our flock is blood tested annually and is found free of OPP, Johne's, CL and BTV. Annual micron testing is also done and the utmost care in health management and rotational grazing is done.

These animals have been utilized in both AI programs and ground breeding programs (some pure, some crossbreeding) and all have met our stringent requirements for a productive ewe.

These ewes are ONLY AVAILABLE until July 15th. Ewes can be held here for a small boarding fee until Jefferson show in September. A non refundable 25% deposit is required to hold your selections. 10% Discounts on 3 or more sheep.

WhitePine Castle Rock - gray katmoget ewe (Wintertime Jazz x Justalit'l Chloe) Ab/Aa, BB/Bb, SS/S?. C.R. gave me a wonderful ewe lamb out of Barish last year that I retained as well as a gorgeous white ewe lamb out of White Pine Roman this year. Since I am retaining her sister Centennial, I feel she can move on to be productive for another farm. Great AI prospect. $350

Justalit'l Chloe - fawn katmoget ewe (Underhill Bartok x Justalit'l Ewenique) Ab/Ab, Bb/Bb, SS/Ss. Chloe has performed so well here for us I would love to see her genetics and qualities shine at another flock at this time. She is extremely improveable as is evidence in her lambs, when bred to a nice ram. She's been AI'ed three times with outstanding results. $300.

RYL Rachildas - white illget ewe (Bramble Connor x Blackfeather Seti) Awt/Ag, BB/BB, SS/Ss. Rachildas has been AI'ed in the past and bred to high UK rams and has given me amazing lambs. Conformation is on point, crimpy, typical Shetland look. Her daughter out of Jazz this year takes my breath away. Older ewe but still has many good years of breeding in her $250.

ShelteringPines Myra - fawn katmoget ewe (ShelteringPines Starry Night x Canosia Farm May) she has given me only ram lambs, but they have been stunners! I have several ewes related to her and am retaining her son from this year. A lovely typey ewe with crimp and luster. Her tail is about an inch too long for me, but it is improveable. AI prospect.$300

Wintertime Galina - black gulmoget ewe (Wintertime Black Forrest x ShelteringPines The Holy Grail) At/Aa, BB/Bb, SS/Ss. I am retaining her black gulmoget ewe lamb out of Ephraim. Galina is a solid sided gullie with wonderful conformation. AI prospect.$400

WhitePine Skor - shaela ewe (FirthofFifth don Telmo Bourbon x FirthofFifth Assam Meleng) Aa/Aa, BB/Bb, SS/Ss, MM/Mm . Shorter in leg, she still produces a lovely pewter fleece like her mother. I'm retaining her mioget daughter out of AI (heights orion). $250

Minwawe Dark Chocolate - black krunet ewe - wonderful conformation and size. Her 2 yr old micron was 25.6 AFD, 6.7 SD, 26 CV with a CF of 81.2%. She is Aa/Aa, BB/B?, SS/Ss, MM/Mm. domestic ewe with crimp. It does happen! $250

Minwawe RedBud - shaela krunet ewe - short on leg and small in stature her lambs grow fast and are about the same size as she is already. Aa/Aa, BB/Bb, SS/Ss, Mm/MM. a nice 6" fleece that sells fast every year. $250.

The following ewes are available as unregistered at $125 each:
Minwawe Flopsy - older moorit ewe who is looking for a retirement home and shouldn't be bred again.
Minwawe Sea Breeze - moorit yuglet sokket. small in stature. produces spots.
WhitePine Columbine - black two year old. Was a bottle baby. Small in stature. Fleece is longer than I think is standard. her AFD as a two year old was 26.2 AFD with an SD of 7.1. She had the cutest black smirslet ewe lamb this year with fleece improvement that I will be retaining.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home again, Home again, jiggity, jig.

I just unloaded all of the new sheep/goats (mostly transported for other folks') in to quarantine pens until I can get them down to Heather Landin in Baldwin, WI. I was supposed to go today, but it took Emma and I THREE DAYS to get home due to tornadoes in Billings, MT and Miles City, MT. Heavy rain in Coer d'Alene, ID and that scary mountain pass, and rain so heavy in Bismarck, ND that we stayed over there for 4 hours in a motel room as we couldn't see the road, the lines on the road, the reflectors on the side of the road, or the hood of our truck.

I had a really fun time in BSG thanks to the BFL and Shetland people! While some avoided me like the plague(some Shetland folk), others were most welcoming. The best thing was I was not killed, injured, threatened, or beaten, so that was all I was hoping for :)

I did come home with FOUR new yearling ewes. The first ewe is 100% domestic and I've never seen such crimpy, soft, lusterous, silk, fine fleece. I was told her fleece was 5-6" long and she is the 'light badgerface' pattern I was searching for! And to boot she is moorit based. I can't wait to see if I can help save this very rare pattern in Shetlands. Her pedigree is quite short, and very old. her grandmother was 10 when she had her mother so you know its an old pedigree :0

The other three ewes are from a flock that I really admire. Two ewes are 81.25% UK, the third is 68.75% UK. The white ewe is the ONLY ewe that has this sire in her pedigree that is not on their farm. I'm stoked about the prospects of the new blood in my linebreed Orion/Jericho flock. I ended up with a white, a fawn (light moorit) and a shaela. They are everything I think of when I think of Shetlands in the SSS registry and I am very appreciative that I had the chance and bringing them to Minnesota :)

More later.

The tornado hit south of our house about 5 miles and my friend lost his home and his parent's barn with all their heifers in it. Wadena was hit terribly and 75% of my client base is in that town and I'm eager to help them clean up their yards.

More when I can.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

White Pine Levi

I took these photos back in May and never got around to posting them.

Levi is a black krunet F1 Willowcroft Jamie yearling ram. He rooed entirely back a few months ago. He is silky soft with lots of luster (for a black!!) and I could use his fleece to stuff a pillow case with and sleep on its so soft. He was used as a clean up ram last fall and I am really pleased with his get. He'll be used more heavily this fall along with his half brother.
He wouldn't stand still for a photo, but his legs are pefectly square on flat surface. He's an easy keeper, a very respectful, friendly ram.
His half brother (both are out of Becky's RiverOaks Lucy) is out of Greenholme Holly and is a smirslet moorit. I love my modified lambs but I believe he'll stay a nice dark red moorit and that is what i need right now. he's also smooth polled and has the same consistent and crimpy fleece of his 1/2 brother. I also plan to use him a lot this fall.

I'm not 'going polled' but will welcome the diversity in my flock, just as I have horned ewes, all the patterns and colors and the array of spotting gene patterns too :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

A diverse flock have I

Ok now know one can call me a 2" fuzzy fleece breeder! :P

This is a black ewe fleece sample. Mid side, last rib. This is her second fleece. Her first fleece microned at close to 30. Way too high to retain as a breeding ewe for purebred. She was bred to the BFL. This is a ewe I bred. Her dam was a 100% domestic ewe with similar fleece. It had a lot of outer coat around the mid side of her belly and her britch, but much less tip, and a more even fleece of 4" the rest of the body. To be honest I was pretty shocked her outer coat was 10". REALLY shocked. Again she doesn't LOOK icelandic (and isn't as soft as one either) as her fleece is not 100% this length. Also to bust a urban legend that double coated sheep don't collect VM, well you can tell by this photo they do. And this is their side, not the neck where it really was bad.

This ewe is 100% domestic. She is one of two of my true shaelas. I've been trying to get an emsket out of her (ewe) for three seasons and I have not gotten one yet. She will be sold this fall as she is too small to use in crossbreeding. Again notice the inner coat is 4", just the like next few photos.....
This is a yearling ewe out of Wintertimes Blues x ShelteringPines Nirvana. I am not able to get 'next to skin' close when getting samples so give or take 1/4" I would guesstimate. With the tip and that room for error, its around 4". Luster, fine, silky, crimpy, soft. I wish this was my pillow top mattress.
This ewe is out of a domestic ewe (Rachildas) and Forrest the fine fleeced black gulmoget. She has bolder crimp and microned around 27 AFD as a three year old. CEM was 8.2, SD 4.6, CV 17. Luster, soft, silky feel. Again around 4".
This is Barnabas. Sire is Heights Orion. Dam is F1 Campaign Timothy (so 75% UK). His crimp is ultra fine and a nice 4"+ fleece with proper tip. The ultra tiny crimp fools you. his fall lamb fleece microned at 28.7 AFD, SD 4.1, CV 15.6, CEM 7.8. I can't wait to see what his spring sample reads.
In conclusion: I don't have 2" fuzzy fleeces. I have a diverse range of fleeces and crimp. I support the standard and fine wooled Shetland Sheep :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

update on some lambs

Its been eons since I've posted lamb photos.

Although I consider all of you readers friends (except for one who slanders me), I realize this debate with the Shetland people is really stressing everyone's emotions. Hopefully there will be a resolution that will make all parties happy. And we can get back to all being friends :)

For what those of us who are in favor of guidelines with maximums and minimums in fleece length go to Juliann's blog to see just what we are talking about. I'll say it again. I'm not opposed to double coated sheep. They just have to be fine. And nothing like Juli posted photos of!

I have plenty of micron reports and fleece samples to prove that none of the ones i had were soft. Heck some of my single coats weren't soft either. When I find the time, I'll post them.

In the mean time let's look at lambs.

Let's see. This is WhitePine Skor (shaela) with her Heights Orion twins. The black ram looks as though he'll be shaela like his mother (also head spotting). The moorit ewe lamb looks like she'll be fawn at least, if not mioget. Also notice the spotted e we in the back. She's a yearling and over the winter decided to grow horns. Crazy huh? Lambs' names are Santana and Sarai.
Below is my very first white ewe of the season Jazz x Rachildas. Her name is Regina Spektor (in keeping with the musical artists theme). She is everything I dream of in a Shetland. Very typey, classic wool and head features. She isn't standing perfect so you can't see her amazing legs, but I guarantee they are there.
Below is ShetleringPines Nirvana's twin ewe lambs out of Todhill Jericho. Nivea is the spotted one and Nina Sky is the less spotted on the left (born with white on head).
Below is Justalit'l Black Lambo and her Todhill Jericho daughter. I wasn't crazy about her birth fleece but wow is it pretty nice now! Lambo is 9 yrs old so give her condition a little bit of slack. Her lamb is massive and growthy. Super happy with her. Her name is Blu Cantrell (she is quite blue no?)
FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn with her twin natural colored (and spotted!) Mule ewe lambs! I'm really pleased with the mules growth.
Texel sired lambs with their moms. The one of the right is Shetland Mule, the butt of the other is the Shetland-Cheviot dam. Their growth is nearly identical, but fleece slightly different.
Another Shetland-Cheviot ewe with her lamb. The mother's are only yearlings and they all singled, but the lambs are just muy impressivo ahora!
Another photo of the texel sired lamb. The fawn katmoget is homozygous for katmoget and is F1 Minder. He is available for sale. His fleece is coming in wonderful now after giving me heart palpitations with his birth coat ;) The mioget in the front is Karen Valleys's F1/F2 Orion ram lamb. He's a stunner. The gray kat ram is my F1 Lightning. he appears to have very slow growing horns. So slow in fact I'm not sure what they'll look like as they mature. I don't believe he carries polled.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Look what I found when I got home at 8:30 tonight! The dam is a traditional Simmental (spotted aka 'broken pattern') who is out of AI from a bull from the late 80's that goes back directly to the original imported stock. The semen canes were only 3.00 dollars each. NO ONE WANTED THEM!!!! Her dam is a solid red cow that carried spots as she was also out of AI to a bull from the 80's who was also spotted and down from the original imports. Needless to say she is down from the original imported Simmental that were known for their spotted/broken patterned bodies in red and yellow.

The YELLOW SPOTTED HEIFER only my SECOND heifer calf that is yellow from purebred (not breeding up stock) Simmental cows. Ever. Even when using a yellow spotted bull I raised! This little lady is NOT out of UK semen like i thought, but out of a bull called Polled Ringeye, who was another bull from the 80's that I loved. Kudos for BOTH parents carrying the dilution gene! I didn't know the sire did!

WOHOO! Happy dance happy dance!

Goals and Accomplishments

I was going to write a blog about this a long time ago, but never found the energy or time to do it. I also didn't take photos of the last 7 ewes who lambed. This is a first for me.

I've made a lot of personal goals and accomplishments with my flock in a few short years. When I have a mission, I go for it!

I purchased sheep that brought in different pedigrees that were of interest to me.

I blood tested my entire flock for OPP, Johnes, CL and Blue Tongue.

I have had four years of consecutive micron testing on every sheep on the farm (including any crossbreds).

I have culled heavily and moved out sheep that didn't fit MY goals (but could easily help others or fit others' slightly different goals).

I have used AI heavily in my breeding program and used many F1 rams to move the quality of my sheep forward (again towards an end result that I preferred). Every year the lamb crop is better (in my opinion).

I have embraced horned and polled rams (favoring neither for the other) and also enjoy horned and hornless ewes.

I have every pattern in every color except emsket, and love the fact that although they are all indeed Shetlands, there is much diversity in my flock. Different mature weights, different ear sets, different length of leg, different fleece types/lengths (all under 6" though).

I accept their diversity, but they are still all Shetlands, still 'look' like Shetlands and have conformation and fineness of fleece that I expect of my sheep now.

This year will be the hardest year for evaluating and culling of animals. I plan to winter over most of my lambs in hopes that they'll be better than their dams, sisters, aunts or grandmothers. That's the whole point is moving forward with your program. At least for me.

My computer's memory is completely full. Although I do have an external hard drive its not user friendly. I'm trying to remedy this. Then I'll have lots of photos to share.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sales List

I have transport available to BSG with these ewes/rams.

RYL Rachildas white ewe. Awt/Ag, BB/B?, SS/Ss. I've talked about her enough. She's super fantastic! 4" inch fleece. larger crimp. 13% UK (Lightning)

Sommarang Emerald black flecket ewe, Aa/Aa, BB/B?, Ss/Ss. Big girl, really milks for her babes. Growthy lambs. 4" crimpy fleece. Lots of Minder behind her.

Minwawe RedBud - shaela ewe. 100% domestic. Aa/Aa BB/Bb, SS/Ss, Mm/Mm. Small ewe but her lambs have been really nice. 6" fleece.

WhitePine Columbine - black iset ewe - to be sold with no papers. Aa/Aa, BB/B?, SS/Ss. Could sell now with lamb at side (black smirslet ewe lamb). Could register the lamb.

Justalit'l Chloe - 31% UK Mostly Minder. Ab/Ab, Bb/Bb, SS/Ss We all know how i feel about her :)

Minwawe SeaBreeze. moorit smirslet sokket. 100% domestic. Short 2 " fleece with no definintion to it. Produces very stunning lambs when bred to high % UK rams. Aa/Aa Bb/Bb, Ss/Ss, MM/Mm.

Minwawe Flopsy - moorit. Aa/Aa Bb/Bb, SS/Ss. In a lot of the domestic lines. Produces and then some. Good size and conformation. eight year old lady with a lot of life left in her. Always throws really spotted lambs. Her lamb from last year AFD micron was 20.0!

Sheltering Pines Myra - fawn katmoget. Ab/Aa, MM/Mm, Bb/Bb, SS/Ss. Has produced two singles the past two years. Gorgeous rams (Matthias from last year). Slightly longer tail, however still proportionate wool/hair and is fluked. I can't keep all these katmogets!


Moorit smirslet ram (will be fawn) out WhitePine Ephraim (F1 Orion) and Minwawe RedBud. Nearly the size of his dam already at 8 weeks of age. nice horns, tail, bite etc.

Mioget ram - gorgeous horns and fleece. Ephraim xMyra.

Moorit gulmoget smirslet ram - Ephraim x WinterTime Galina (Forrest x SheltringPines Holy Grail)

Fawn ram - Ephraim x Ulla. Classic wool and poll and cheeks.

modified black ram with smirslet - Heights Orion x WhitePine Skor. He will be shaela for sure, if not emsket!

Adult rams:

Shelterings Pines Pumpernickel Pogo - gray katmoget flecket, smirslet, sokket. Proven sire. Amazing horns, carries moorit. He is a barn basher, so would need to be put out away from buildings and used just this year and sold/butchered. Lovely UK crimp.

WhitePine Caiphas - F1 holly - gray katmoget, huge horns. AFD 21. Amazing UK crimp.

WhitePine Uphaz - F1 minder - musket smirslet sokket. AFD 24. Larger crimp.

Available sheep

With my work load continuing to pile up, and less time to spend with the sheep, I am offering the following: My entire flock of BlueFaced ...