Tuesday, June 15, 2010

White Pine Levi

I took these photos back in May and never got around to posting them.

Levi is a black krunet F1 Willowcroft Jamie yearling ram. He rooed entirely back a few months ago. He is silky soft with lots of luster (for a black!!) and I could use his fleece to stuff a pillow case with and sleep on its so soft. He was used as a clean up ram last fall and I am really pleased with his get. He'll be used more heavily this fall along with his half brother.
He wouldn't stand still for a photo, but his legs are pefectly square on flat surface. He's an easy keeper, a very respectful, friendly ram.
His half brother (both are out of Becky's RiverOaks Lucy) is out of Greenholme Holly and is a smirslet moorit. I love my modified lambs but I believe he'll stay a nice dark red moorit and that is what i need right now. he's also smooth polled and has the same consistent and crimpy fleece of his 1/2 brother. I also plan to use him a lot this fall.

I'm not 'going polled' but will welcome the diversity in my flock, just as I have horned ewes, all the patterns and colors and the array of spotting gene patterns too :)

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