Friday, June 25, 2010

Lambs that make me smile and Jefferson planning

I love walking the pasture and seeing the lambs growing. My there are some really nice growthy lambs this year! There are always a few that really stand out and I keep finding them, no matter how hard I try to find 'all' the lambs.

I'm trying to plan my lambs and yearlings to take to the show in Jefferson this year.

This is what I have so far:

2 Mule ewe lambs
1 yearling Mule ewe with Texel lamb.

1 BFL ram lamb
2 BFL yearling white ewes
1 BFL yearling colored ewe
2 BFL aged colored ewes
2 BFL aged white ewes

2 Shetland ram lambs (I have about four I want to take!)
2 Shetland ewe lambs - I can't decide if I should take 2 white ewe lambs or a white and a gray katmoget. I would assume for 'pairs' they should be identical as can be? I have quite a few I really love this year.
2 Shetland yearling ewes. Such choices here too.
2 Shetland aged ewes.

If you notice I'm not taking any yearling Shetland rams. Their pasture is small and I must feed hay year round to them. They grow much slower than I'd like and my yearlings would be considered 'too small to compete today' if I took them to show.

Gosh I sure hope Briony plans on coming I need lots of help showing!


Michelle said...

I sure wish we had "aged" classes in Oregon!

And may I commend you on Barish's polite demeanor? Maybe he'll change as breeding season approaches, but he is such a mellow fellow; hard to believe he's three years old!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

That's 19 sheep, Garrett.

susan said...

The judge at the Orgeon show asked my freind about her small ram lamb in the class "When was he born, or was he born yet?"


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