Monday, June 28, 2010

More sheep photos

While I was out obsessing over poop (see previous post) I took some more lamb photos. I swear the same 10 sheep surround me when I have a camera. When I turn it off and put it away, the entire flock comes and lays down around me (something I think is so awesome that they trust me so much!) To be around their prescense, their calm, trusting gives me goosebumps...and complete stress reliever!

Well here she is! WSR Alisa is a light badgerface ewe. She's also moorit based. She is NOT katmoget although its very similiar. She's born katmoget but her belly and neck stripes fade. Its similiar to APPEARANCE to an Ag Katmoget (moget face) but its genetically different. This ewe is Alb/Aa so she'll produce solid lambs and light badgerface. If she were Ag Katmoget she's only be Ag/Ab and could not produce solid lambs. Confused yet? :)

Below are my Shirehill Minder yearling rams out of Underhill Ulla. Ulla is Aa/Aa and Minder is Ab/Ag. So below....Uphaz is on our left. He's musket (Ag/Aa) and smirslet/sokket. Also note his odd growing horns. Fatal horns or poll carrier? Ulam is on the right. Note he APPEARS to be moget face (Ag/Ab) but he genetically cannot be. I believe he is also light badger face like Alisa above. He genetically should be Alb/Aa (Aa from his mother Ulla remember!). He'll get three Aa/Aa ewes this fall to prove my theory correct. IF that is the case...most of the katmogets from Minder are not katmoget, but actually light badger face. Note his neck stripe is missing. He had one as lamb! His horns are also much nice than his brothers. Uphaz will be going to the butcher wtih 5 other rams (yes he's F1!)

This gray katmoget is ShelteringPines Veni Vedi Vici. He is twin to Rich's Blues Clues and is out of Winterime Blues (Jazz's twin brother) and V Creek Guinevere. Guinevere is such a producer! This boy is available for lease this fall as I refuse to use another katmoget this fall :) He looks a lot like his sire, Blues. He COULD be homozygous katmoget, but we haven't used him yet so can't say.

This doll face is a WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie) out of WhitePine Neriah (Blues x Nirvana). This girl has one of my blue-ist fleeces in my flock. She also has large leathery patches on her head (yes she IS a ewe!). She's definitely a keeper!
Below is my white girl RYL Rachildas. (She's for sale) She's Awt/Ag but man she produces lovely stuff! The spotted/horned girl is WhitePine Salome (Jazz x S.P. Snow Cloud). The yearlings really are growing fast on the rich pastures (the pasture in the photos is their evening and winter paddock so it doesn't get a chance to grow much). Salome is not my finest ewe, but she is black (Aa/Aa) and spotted and horned. I really appreciate horned ewes!
Below is Owl Hill Miss Lilly (F1 Holly F2 Orion amongst others) and her Orion Son. He's going to be scurred.....and he's a gorgeous crimpy mioget with a krunet! His name is White Pine Maxwell.
Here are my two fawn katmoget ram lambs. The one on the left is going back to Oregon to Wally's flock. He traded me Alisa for a moorit based katmoget that doesn't fade (Ab). His ram is also homozygous katmoget and is F1/F3 Minder. Beautiful horns and crimp is really coming in now (see that birth coat just was teasing me!) The ram on the right is Booto's boy again. Note the horn difference.

Here are the boys again...with the youngest lamb in the flock! Look at the Minder boy's rear and tail in the foreground! I think Wally will really like him!
This black ram is out of Campaign Timothy and RiverOaks Eliza. this a good enough rear shot? He's so black its hard to get a good photo of him...especially in the shade....standing....
FirthofFifth Ashegon (Blues x Ashanti) and her Jericho daughter White Pine Aliyah. Ashegon is an extremely feminine ewe, most of my yearlings are already bigger than her, but Ashegon has produced this lovely ewe. She's also unrelated to my Orion moorits so she'll be a nice outcross!


Kara said...


The new ram lamb that got...would you mind look at his pedigree and tell me what you think he is? His parents are Twin Springs Juniper and Twin Springs Buster. Heavy Bitteroot. Is he like your two in the first two pictures or would be be Ag and how would I tell the difference? I will try to get some photos of him up on my blog soon. He is definitely a different kind of kat than my Greyling kats.

The Hansen's said...

Garrett, I'm curious, how can you tell if a white ewe is Ag? Doesn't Ag produce a mixture of white fibers.....?

Garrett808 said...

HI Kara. I'll pop over and take a look.

The Bitteroot katmogets are all light badgerface and either came from mutation in genes (it happens) or out of a white ram/ewe that carried light badgerface.

Its nearly impossible to tell on Alisa now as I went back and lookd at her pedigree and both parents are 'katmoget'. that means she could be homozygous for lbf (Light badger face).

My guess Kara is he is lbf. The only way to test that theory is breed him to solid ewes (Aa/Aa) and see if you get any Ag. If you do, question answered. Sorry I don't have more info for you. :(

Garrett808 said...

Hi Hansen's!

I know my white ewe is Awt/Ag as she throws Ag spotted lambs, as well as white. She is also homozygous for Black.

Her lambs, if white, then carry whatever the sire had, so most of them carry Aa as their sires were solid. OR by breeding her lambs, I was able to figure out they were not katmoget/gulmoget under the white, but solid.

My few Ag ewes tend to be mostly white fleeced after their first shearing, but their heads will fade lighter or darker due to seasonal trends. hope this helps!

Kara said...

Hi Garrett,

So if his dad was solid and his mom katmoget and maybe Ag...he could be only kat or maybe in this case lbf correct? Because the mom would give one pattern or the other, not both? Is that right?

Garrett808 said...

Hi Kara!

If one parent is solid (Aa/Aa) then they can only pass that gene to all their offspring. Your lamb could only be Ab/Aa or Alb/Aa if one parent was Aa/Aa.

Hope that helps!

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