Saturday, June 12, 2010

update on some lambs

Its been eons since I've posted lamb photos.

Although I consider all of you readers friends (except for one who slanders me), I realize this debate with the Shetland people is really stressing everyone's emotions. Hopefully there will be a resolution that will make all parties happy. And we can get back to all being friends :)

For what those of us who are in favor of guidelines with maximums and minimums in fleece length go to Juliann's blog to see just what we are talking about. I'll say it again. I'm not opposed to double coated sheep. They just have to be fine. And nothing like Juli posted photos of!

I have plenty of micron reports and fleece samples to prove that none of the ones i had were soft. Heck some of my single coats weren't soft either. When I find the time, I'll post them.

In the mean time let's look at lambs.

Let's see. This is WhitePine Skor (shaela) with her Heights Orion twins. The black ram looks as though he'll be shaela like his mother (also head spotting). The moorit ewe lamb looks like she'll be fawn at least, if not mioget. Also notice the spotted e we in the back. She's a yearling and over the winter decided to grow horns. Crazy huh? Lambs' names are Santana and Sarai.
Below is my very first white ewe of the season Jazz x Rachildas. Her name is Regina Spektor (in keeping with the musical artists theme). She is everything I dream of in a Shetland. Very typey, classic wool and head features. She isn't standing perfect so you can't see her amazing legs, but I guarantee they are there.
Below is ShetleringPines Nirvana's twin ewe lambs out of Todhill Jericho. Nivea is the spotted one and Nina Sky is the less spotted on the left (born with white on head).
Below is Justalit'l Black Lambo and her Todhill Jericho daughter. I wasn't crazy about her birth fleece but wow is it pretty nice now! Lambo is 9 yrs old so give her condition a little bit of slack. Her lamb is massive and growthy. Super happy with her. Her name is Blu Cantrell (she is quite blue no?)
FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn with her twin natural colored (and spotted!) Mule ewe lambs! I'm really pleased with the mules growth.
Texel sired lambs with their moms. The one of the right is Shetland Mule, the butt of the other is the Shetland-Cheviot dam. Their growth is nearly identical, but fleece slightly different.
Another Shetland-Cheviot ewe with her lamb. The mother's are only yearlings and they all singled, but the lambs are just muy impressivo ahora!
Another photo of the texel sired lamb. The fawn katmoget is homozygous for katmoget and is F1 Minder. He is available for sale. His fleece is coming in wonderful now after giving me heart palpitations with his birth coat ;) The mioget in the front is Karen Valleys's F1/F2 Orion ram lamb. He's a stunner. The gray kat ram is my F1 Lightning. he appears to have very slow growing horns. So slow in fact I'm not sure what they'll look like as they mature. I don't believe he carries polled.


Michelle said...

Where is Sedalia's lamb???

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Oooooohhhhh! That little white eweling is just a hunny. I want her! :)

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