Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Favorite Ewe Lamb...

A favorite ewe lamb of mine....she is 79.5% out of Campaign Timothy and WhitePine Centennial (Jazz x Chloe, also twin to Castle Rock). Centennial has really decided now (at two) to be extremely friendly like her mother Chloe. This ewe lamb runs up to me and stares at me, but won't let me scratch her, but she sure gives me the once over (or 100 times over) every time she see's me.

Centennial was my favorite lamb from 2008, and still remains one of my favorite ewes..both in structure, and fleece. I think her girl is a stunner too.

In this photo Momma Centennial is getting rooed. I sheared early this year in hopes of having longer fleeces for the shows, but most of the ewes (no rams) all went through the rise late May/early June. *sigh*


Theresa said...

Very nice!!

Most of my ewes are rooing too. Need to get my blades sharpened and start the clean up job.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

She's lovely. :)

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