Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sales List

I have transport available to BSG with these ewes/rams.

RYL Rachildas white ewe. Awt/Ag, BB/B?, SS/Ss. I've talked about her enough. She's super fantastic! 4" inch fleece. larger crimp. 13% UK (Lightning)

Sommarang Emerald black flecket ewe, Aa/Aa, BB/B?, Ss/Ss. Big girl, really milks for her babes. Growthy lambs. 4" crimpy fleece. Lots of Minder behind her.

Minwawe RedBud - shaela ewe. 100% domestic. Aa/Aa BB/Bb, SS/Ss, Mm/Mm. Small ewe but her lambs have been really nice. 6" fleece.

WhitePine Columbine - black iset ewe - to be sold with no papers. Aa/Aa, BB/B?, SS/Ss. Could sell now with lamb at side (black smirslet ewe lamb). Could register the lamb.

Justalit'l Chloe - 31% UK Mostly Minder. Ab/Ab, Bb/Bb, SS/Ss We all know how i feel about her :)

Minwawe SeaBreeze. moorit smirslet sokket. 100% domestic. Short 2 " fleece with no definintion to it. Produces very stunning lambs when bred to high % UK rams. Aa/Aa Bb/Bb, Ss/Ss, MM/Mm.

Minwawe Flopsy - moorit. Aa/Aa Bb/Bb, SS/Ss. In a lot of the domestic lines. Produces and then some. Good size and conformation. eight year old lady with a lot of life left in her. Always throws really spotted lambs. Her lamb from last year AFD micron was 20.0!

Sheltering Pines Myra - fawn katmoget. Ab/Aa, MM/Mm, Bb/Bb, SS/Ss. Has produced two singles the past two years. Gorgeous rams (Matthias from last year). Slightly longer tail, however still proportionate wool/hair and is fluked. I can't keep all these katmogets!


Moorit smirslet ram (will be fawn) out WhitePine Ephraim (F1 Orion) and Minwawe RedBud. Nearly the size of his dam already at 8 weeks of age. nice horns, tail, bite etc.

Mioget ram - gorgeous horns and fleece. Ephraim xMyra.

Moorit gulmoget smirslet ram - Ephraim x WinterTime Galina (Forrest x SheltringPines Holy Grail)

Fawn ram - Ephraim x Ulla. Classic wool and poll and cheeks.

modified black ram with smirslet - Heights Orion x WhitePine Skor. He will be shaela for sure, if not emsket!

Adult rams:

Shelterings Pines Pumpernickel Pogo - gray katmoget flecket, smirslet, sokket. Proven sire. Amazing horns, carries moorit. He is a barn basher, so would need to be put out away from buildings and used just this year and sold/butchered. Lovely UK crimp.

WhitePine Caiphas - F1 holly - gray katmoget, huge horns. AFD 21. Amazing UK crimp.

WhitePine Uphaz - F1 minder - musket smirslet sokket. AFD 24. Larger crimp.

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Mim said...

Hi Garret, I would like to get a ram when I'm at BSG BUT I really wanted to see what I get and learn about his sire and dam and see his fleece and put my hands on him to make that judgment. There are just too many different types of Shetlands!!! I like the sounds of the modified black ram lamb you have, first because I want that color but what do you like about him and what do you not like about him? I like that he has Firthof Fifth and can't bring up his sire at UASSA dated base. Fleece types in his background? I like silky. I should ask first how much do you charge for ram lambs?
The first of a thousand questions! Mimi mimsfiber@gmail.com

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