Monday, April 25, 2011

F1 rams for sale

I've decided to let three of my F1 rams become available as funds are tight here. These rams are available immediately. Yearly micron results, blood tests, and they are some of the last F1s of these imported rams.

F1 Holly - WhitePine Caiphas - gray katmoget - huge horns. Carries moorit, and most likely spots. I have two other F1 Hollys that I would like to use and don't need three. Micron results available on request. 65.5% UK

F1 Jericho - Wintertime Jazz - gray katmoget smirslet - huge horns, homozygous black, Ab/Aa, throws wild spots, improves just about everything he is bred to. 87.5% UK. Micron results available.

F1 Orion - WhitePine Roman - white - huge horns, Awt/Aa, BB/Bb, could carry spots. I can only have so many whites and have used him for two years and have liked his offspring greatly. 56% UK. Micron results available.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These photos are 10 days old now, but.....

Rayna was out to see her lambs that she got when she leased a few ewes. These are some random photos of some of the lambs in the nursery pen about 10 days ago.

Below is the gray katmoget ewe lamb out of OwlHill Pranilla (F1 Greyling F2 Orion) and FirthofFifth Nekomis.

This napping little gray kat (notice the spots!) is out of FirthofFifth Nekomis and WhitePine Terah (UnderTheSon Arapaho x BlackForest Tilly)
WhitePine Neriah (Wintertime Blues x ShelteringPines Nirvana) was bred to WhitePine Roman (F1 Orion) and gave me this handsome white ram lamb. Neriah is one of my best ewes and this ram will be available for sale pending his summer evaluation. He is quite fantastic now with great parents! Inquire if you would like to be put on the list for him.
Wintertime Galina with her twins. Galina has a possible sale pending, but if it falls through, she will be available for sale this summer after weaning her lambs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dynamite ram lambs

As promised (although late) Here is ShelteringPines Myra (Starry Night x Canosia Farm May) and her smashing moorit ram lamb out of FirthofFifth Nekomis. He's awesome. I kept his half brother from last year (out of WhitePine Ephraim AI (Orion)) so this boy is available (pending evaluations on ALL lambs as is customary here in mid summer).

He really is a smashing boy.
Also available is this dynamite ram lamb out of Nekomis and WhitePine Salome (Jazz x ShelteringPines Snow Cloud). He certainly carries spots as you can see his momma in the pics with him. She is also a horned ewe so he COULD carry that gene if you like that (I LOVE IT!) I've been getting several gray kats this year with black spots on their bodies that do NOT fade. They are also very 'blue' at the skin and those are the kats I love, although I do have all shades of gray kats.
Isn't he something? LOVE him. Big 'ol horn buds too. Again pending summer evaluations he will also be available for sale.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moorit fleeces

Since I have had most of my lambs born so far from ewes that were leased out, I myself have had few ewe lambs (10), and two are moorit based (a musket and a mioget). So to make myself feel better I'm going to post a few photos of some moorit fleeces that I DO have so I can feel better about myself hahaha.

My ratio for black based vs. moorit based is almost 2:1. This does include all patterns except white, so the 21 gray katmoget adult ewes I have are counted as black.

SO if anyone would like to pout with me....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eat your heart out world!

FirthofFifth Kamachariy (Forrest x Koosi) is a fawn katmoget ewe who carries polled. She was bred to WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie) and produced this stunning dark gray katmoget girl! To say I am pleased is an understatement! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stunning ram lambs

These stunning moorit ram lambs were born today. Both are stunning. Just beautiful. Since I have their mother's lines heavy in my flock I am offering both for sale. . The first ram is out of FirthofFifth Blottir (Wintertime Forrest x Minwawe Boppitty) and WhitePine Levi. I'm assuming Blottir carries polled, and Levi IS polled, but this boy appears to have horn buds. We shall see what happens to those horns as he grows. He's just beautiful. A better photo tomorrow.

The next two photos are of ShelteringPines Myra (ShelteringPines Starry Night x Canosia Farms May) and her moorit ram lamb. Big horn buds and he is out of FirthofFifth Nekomis. He has some white on his throat but otherwise solid moorit. He's just gorgeous.

Myra's boy again. He was out sunning himself when I came home from work.

The gray kat below is out of WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie) and FirthofFifth Koosi (F1 Jericho). Both parents have one gene for polled, and this boy IS polled. He could be a full poll, but won't know without test breeding. He carries solid (Aa) and possibly moorit as both parents carry moorit as well. He's a stunning ram. Long legs like his daddy.

Here is the Koosi boy showing off his rear end while Rachildas tries to hog the photo. Since I am keeping both parents (and really wanted a ewe out of Koosi...) this boy will be available. I"ve had both parent lines for awhile now and am really pleased with this cross. It will be repeated. This ram is F2 Jamie/F2 Jericho. A great cross in my book!

Fleece shots

I've had these awhile but talking with a potential customer today is giving me the incentive to post some photos of some of the girls/boys. I won't label who they are but it will give you an idea of what i am striving for (SSS 1927 standard fleece, naturally! )

This is just a sampling of the fleeces folks! Life is good here!!


Below is a gray katmoget. She has the darkest fleece I've ever seen on a gray kat. LOVE the blue tones. She is out of WhitePine Levi and WhitePine Neriah.

Below is actually Neriah. Love her fleece too. Also gray katmoget. She has a 5" fleece that is just lovely.

Below is another gray katmoget, this is F1 Jericho

This is emsket folks. She was born black, and her tips sun bleach. At the skin she has that lovely bluish tone. No iset, no white fibers. They are whole colors on those fibers!

Below is another gray katmoget. Love the fleeces on the kats.!

A lovely white below.

Below is a fawn katmoget. love the oatmeal color.

Below is shaela. Born black. tips sun bleach. whole color (no white/black fibers that give the illusion of modified. not iset. No white. Not one.

I think this is a white. I'd have to double check as i haven't labeled any photos yet and I can't remember the

ShelteringPines Nirvana! Her fleece is about 4.5" and a lovely blue hue to it still. she's a dynamite ewe!

More lambs and thoughts

Sorry this no camera thing is a joke. I have so many lambs I can't remember who I've taken photos of. I of course have my favorites but overall I'm really pleased with the lambs. I again have a plethora of gray katmoget and black lambs. I'm tickled that most of my white ewes gave me black lambs. I need more solid black animals so that was a treat.

Birth coats were as expected according to their lines, with just a few exceptions. All birth coats seem to be soft, but what lamb ISN'T soft when they are just days old?

I am having to supplement two sets of BFL lambs, and a set of Shetland lambs. The moms have huge udders but the lambs are growing so fast that the lambs are really taking a toll on their moms so I'm supplementing. Its not completely bottle feeding but it sure makes for friendly lambs. If anyone hasn't seen a BFL lamb pile (think dog pile/monkey pile/hog pile) on top of a 6'3" shepherd, it is quite the site!

I have 25 more ewes that were exposed. Everybody looks to be bred, and most of them will hopefully have small twins. I hate when they have large singles that are 7+ pounds. I hate watching them lamb, although they seem none the worse for doing it, but those are some mighty big lambs! The ewes should mostly be done by the 18th of April, and many are starting to get udders and have been moved from the 'awhile to go' pen to the 'any time' pen. We'll see if I have better luck guessing this time around :)

I'm nearly complete skirting all of my 2011 fleeces. I am doing several years worth of each sheep and having them processed in to roving or yarn depending on how much is available. I've got friends who are excited to make socks, rugs, scarfs, hats, mittens/gloves out of my wool and even a few Aunts who are going to tackle making quilts for the quilt batts I had made out of my Cheviot-Shetland ewes! I can't wait to have more items that are made from my sheep.

On to new lambs! :)

RYL Rachildas the queen bee gave birth a handsome white ram out of Wintertime Jazz.

Whistlestop 0935 "Yuma" (fawn) gave birth to a black krunet ram out of Jazz. He has a dog coat birth coat so time will tell with this boy, he is VERY FIESTY and a big bully like his mom....

WhitePine Lydia (Jazz (F1 Jericho) x Wintersky Layla (F1 Orion)) x WhitePine Roman gave me a gorgeous and feminine white ewe lamb.

WhitePine Neriah (Blues x Nirvana) x WhitePine Roman gave me a stellar white ram

FirthofFifth Anki (Forrest x Ashanti) x Jazz produced a black gul/kat krunet sokket EWE lamb!

FirthofFifth Taika (Forrest x Twiling) x Jazz produced a black gul/kat ewe and a black gulmoget krunet ewe lamb

FirthofFifth Blottir (Forrest x Boppitty) x Levi produced a dark moorit ram lamb. I'm praying now for horns because this ram is dynamite!

That's it for now.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lamb stats so far

So far....

FirthofFifth Nekomis sired the following lambs:

x ShelteringPines Nessebar (gray kat) = gray kat smirslet ram, fawn kat krunet ram

x OwlHill Pranilla (Ag gray) = gray kat ewe, musket ewe

x FirthofFifth Rahu (white illget) = black ram

x WhitePine Terah (black) = gray kat smirslet ewe

x Whistlestop 0916 "Zariah" (shaela) = moorit ewe and fawn kat ewe

x Whistlestop 0934 "Xena" (white) = black ram, black ewe

Wintertime Jazz sired the following lambs:

x FirthofFifth Booto (fawn kat) = gray kat ram and gray kat ewe

x WhitePine Charity (gray kat) = gray kat ram

x RiverOaks Eliza (white) = white ram and gray kat ram

x Sommarang Emerald (black flecket) = black smirslet sokket brandet ewe, gray katmoget bersugget ram

x WhitePine Eve (mioget) = gray katmoget ewe (looks to be modified!)

x Wintertime Galina (black gulmoget) = gray katmoget krunet ram, black gul/kat smirlset ewe

x BlackForest Tamarack (moorit gulmoget) = black gulmoget krunet ewe, black krunet ram

x WSR Alisa (moorit light badgerface) = gray katmoget krunet, black light badgerface ewe

x FirthofFifth Sukhada (black gulmoget) = gray katmoget ram

WhitePine Levi sired the following lambs:

x FirthofFifth Ashanti (mioget smirslet) = black ewe, moorit ewe

x FirthofFifth Koosi (gray katmoget) = gray katmoget (polled) ram

x WhitePine Skor (shaela) = black ewe

WhitePine Roman sired the following lambs:

x WhitePine Festus (black smirslet) = black smirslet ewe

x Justalit'l Chloe (homozyous fawn katmoget) = white ram with tons of phaeo or giant white spot fawn katmoget. I will have to look tomorrow when he's dry!

WhitePine Barnabas sired the following lambs:

x WhitePine Faith (gray katmoget krunet sokket) = fawn katmoget krunet sokket ram

x WhitePine Rush (white) = black ewe

x RiverOaks Lucy (gray katmoget) = fawn katmoget ram (polled) and moorit smirslet (polled) ram

I think that's its for the Shetlands.

Beechtree WyCliffe (purebred white BFL ram) sired the following lambs:

x Beechtree Kearsley (white) = white ewe

x Beechtree Kershope (white) = white ewe, english blue ram

x Cross Wind Clover (white) = white ewe, white ram

x ShelteringPines Catalonia (white) = white ewe, white ram

x Beechtree GlenLuce (english blue) = white ewe

Lambs part 3

River Oaks Lucy gets her own post too. Lucy has given me four ram lambs in 3 years. No ewes. :( That being said, her rams do NOT disappoint! These boys are out of WhitePine Barnabas (F1 Orin F2 Timothy) and they are both quite nice for birth coats! Crimpy and even, just like Shetlands in the UK!

Here is Lucy still in all her girlish figure after having twins...

And again with both babes...
Closer photo of the moorit (possibly modified)

And again.
Just look at that awesome fleece!
And again...

lamb photos part 2

These two fantastic boys are out of ShelteringPines Nessebar and FirthofFifth Nekomis. These boys are just yummy. I can't describe them any other way!

I could look at these boys all day....if I had the time :)

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