Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lamb stats so far

So far....

FirthofFifth Nekomis sired the following lambs:

x ShelteringPines Nessebar (gray kat) = gray kat smirslet ram, fawn kat krunet ram

x OwlHill Pranilla (Ag gray) = gray kat ewe, musket ewe

x FirthofFifth Rahu (white illget) = black ram

x WhitePine Terah (black) = gray kat smirslet ewe

x Whistlestop 0916 "Zariah" (shaela) = moorit ewe and fawn kat ewe

x Whistlestop 0934 "Xena" (white) = black ram, black ewe

Wintertime Jazz sired the following lambs:

x FirthofFifth Booto (fawn kat) = gray kat ram and gray kat ewe

x WhitePine Charity (gray kat) = gray kat ram

x RiverOaks Eliza (white) = white ram and gray kat ram

x Sommarang Emerald (black flecket) = black smirslet sokket brandet ewe, gray katmoget bersugget ram

x WhitePine Eve (mioget) = gray katmoget ewe (looks to be modified!)

x Wintertime Galina (black gulmoget) = gray katmoget krunet ram, black gul/kat smirlset ewe

x BlackForest Tamarack (moorit gulmoget) = black gulmoget krunet ewe, black krunet ram

x WSR Alisa (moorit light badgerface) = gray katmoget krunet, black light badgerface ewe

x FirthofFifth Sukhada (black gulmoget) = gray katmoget ram

WhitePine Levi sired the following lambs:

x FirthofFifth Ashanti (mioget smirslet) = black ewe, moorit ewe

x FirthofFifth Koosi (gray katmoget) = gray katmoget (polled) ram

x WhitePine Skor (shaela) = black ewe

WhitePine Roman sired the following lambs:

x WhitePine Festus (black smirslet) = black smirslet ewe

x Justalit'l Chloe (homozyous fawn katmoget) = white ram with tons of phaeo or giant white spot fawn katmoget. I will have to look tomorrow when he's dry!

WhitePine Barnabas sired the following lambs:

x WhitePine Faith (gray katmoget krunet sokket) = fawn katmoget krunet sokket ram

x WhitePine Rush (white) = black ewe

x RiverOaks Lucy (gray katmoget) = fawn katmoget ram (polled) and moorit smirslet (polled) ram

I think that's its for the Shetlands.

Beechtree WyCliffe (purebred white BFL ram) sired the following lambs:

x Beechtree Kearsley (white) = white ewe

x Beechtree Kershope (white) = white ewe, english blue ram

x Cross Wind Clover (white) = white ewe, white ram

x ShelteringPines Catalonia (white) = white ewe, white ram

x Beechtree GlenLuce (english blue) = white ewe


Kelly Bartels said...

I'm trying to think of something clever and all that comes out is WOW!! I'm sitting here a single and as set of cross bred triplets. lol

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

We are overrun with bouncing Shetland babies. Thanks to ear tags I can tell whose are whose.Ruben was a busy man in November. All twins.

Juliann said...

That is a LOT of lambs! Wish I had the space for all that. :) Sounds like a successful lambing year for you.

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