Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fleece shots

I've had these awhile but talking with a potential customer today is giving me the incentive to post some photos of some of the girls/boys. I won't label who they are but it will give you an idea of what i am striving for (SSS 1927 standard fleece, naturally! )

This is just a sampling of the fleeces folks! Life is good here!!


Below is a gray katmoget. She has the darkest fleece I've ever seen on a gray kat. LOVE the blue tones. She is out of WhitePine Levi and WhitePine Neriah.

Below is actually Neriah. Love her fleece too. Also gray katmoget. She has a 5" fleece that is just lovely.

Below is another gray katmoget, this is F1 Jericho

This is emsket folks. She was born black, and her tips sun bleach. At the skin she has that lovely bluish tone. No iset, no white fibers. They are whole colors on those fibers!

Below is another gray katmoget. Love the fleeces on the kats.!

A lovely white below.

Below is a fawn katmoget. love the oatmeal color.

Below is shaela. Born black. tips sun bleach. whole color (no white/black fibers that give the illusion of modified. not iset. No white. Not one.

I think this is a white. I'd have to double check as i haven't labeled any photos yet and I can't remember the order....lol

ShelteringPines Nirvana! Her fleece is about 4.5" and a lovely blue hue to it still. she's a dynamite ewe!


Kelly Bartels said...

I'll take one of each please. Lovely fleece, and I love that you were careful to label the colors.

Michelle said...

I'd like to order a nice soft, blue katmoget ewe with a 4-5" staple and good to excellent fleece histogram, please. Oh, and make mine a poll-carrier! ;-)

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