Monday, April 25, 2011

F1 rams for sale

I've decided to let three of my F1 rams become available as funds are tight here. These rams are available immediately. Yearly micron results, blood tests, and they are some of the last F1s of these imported rams.

F1 Holly - WhitePine Caiphas - gray katmoget - huge horns. Carries moorit, and most likely spots. I have two other F1 Hollys that I would like to use and don't need three. Micron results available on request. 65.5% UK

F1 Jericho - Wintertime Jazz - gray katmoget smirslet - huge horns, homozygous black, Ab/Aa, throws wild spots, improves just about everything he is bred to. 87.5% UK. Micron results available.

F1 Orion - WhitePine Roman - white - huge horns, Awt/Aa, BB/Bb, could carry spots. I can only have so many whites and have used him for two years and have liked his offspring greatly. 56% UK. Micron results available.

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Dave Lewis said...

Please contact me. I think that you have my address in your email.

Dave Lewis

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