Monday, July 15, 2013

Small update

Finally had a chance to evaluate the lambs. For those that read this blog; thank you! I put a lot of time and effort in to my flock of sheep and I know that it shows. I breed for myself, and to try and make sheep that best conform to the 1927 Standard. that being said, I do move out animals that I have a lot of the same bloodline, or pattern or color. Not because I wouldn't keep them, but because I just have a lot of sheep.

I've taken a position in Fargo, ND, about 75 miles each way to help make a more budgeted income for a few years. That being said I need to cut way back on my flock until time permits.

I am not going to go on and on about how great my sheep are, or take 100 photos of each sheep, but I will tell you that I am very proud of my flock and how far they've come in just 7 years of lambing. I will retain all my yearling ewes and ewe lambs, and 25 adult Shetland ewes. I will also keep a few BFL, Cormo crosses and a few Shetland Mules. But the majority of the crossbreds are available for sale, as are about 30-40 adult Shetland ewes. These ewes are all Grade 2 and some are F1s and most are F2s out of UK semen. If they didn't have what it took, i wouldn't have them here.

Since I'm downsizing and have only so many hours on saturday evening and Sundays to tend to the farm myself, I am offering group deals. they are first come, your choice (of what is available) and are $1400 for 5 proven adult Shetland ewes, $2750 for 10 ewes. Or, your choice, $300 each.

All registered, purebred, Shetland sheep that I believe conform to the SSS 1927 Standard. All have past Micron results, have been tested negative for OPP/Johne's/CL/BTv. They are rotationally grazed and managed on an organic, grass fed diet.

I am by no means getting out of Shetlands or sheep in general, but need to madly downsize.

There will be a select few ram lambs available (horned or polled) but I am not going to push them hard. Whatever doesn't sell by Jefferson will be taken in to be processed ( I am getting a strong market for meat as well).

My flock is one of very few that have been inspected by several UK certified flock inspectors and have passed (they kept saying how the sheep looked just like theirs back home!) and I again will have the pleasure of having a few select animals shown to UK judges at Jefferson again this September.

My crossbred flock lambs will most likely go to market mid August, along with first round evals of ram lambs and ewe lambs and any ewes that aren't up to snuff any longer. I am usually home on Sundays so that's the day that would be best to come and pick out what you need for your flock :)

Available sheep

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