Monday, December 3, 2012

More Updates - More For Sale

Where the heck does time go? I seem to have always updated my blog daily or at least several times a week.

I won't bore you with minute details of what's been going on, but I need to tell you about the 'fun' stuff!

Breeding groups for the Shetlands weren't put in until the 10th of November. I always try to plan for breeding groups around the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National (I usually go to that 9 day event!) and I don't want/expect anyone else to lamb the sheep out for me (especially trying to match lambs to mothers if need be!). The crosses were put together a week before that, so they will lamb earlier. i'm not concerned as much about their lambs getting on the wrong ewe, as long as they are cared for (so far no issues, crossing fingers)

This year I am doing FOUR groups for crosses. I'm using the Finn ram, the Leicester Longwool, a Shetland Mule, and the BFL ram. I'm excited for fleece and carcass quality on all accounts. The Shetland Mule was for fun and I won't keep him to use again but wanted to see what I could produce since he's badgerface and english blue AND spotted! (and carries moorit to boot!)

Much has happened on the farm in general and the size of the farm has dropped by about half (acreage wise). In light of this, the number of animals I wanted to run on the land will have to be re-evaluated, and while my dad and I both feel we can better manage smaller acres, it should still sustain the current number of animals we have, just not the numbers I had dreamed of getting to in the next few years. The market for cattle is insanely high and my dad is pushing to increase cattle numbers while wanting me to maintain or lower my sheep numbers, all on the less acreage. We still have all of our pastures but tillable acreage will be down by about 2/3. Sad reality, but I'm finally embracing it and eager to see what I can do with the new challenges ahead.

The hogs are gone, the pigeons are gone, and most of the chickens (although I still have young layers to sell!)

With that being said I am going to offer many of my rams for sale and 10-12 bred ewes  that I normally wouldn't sell. Its getting harder and harder to part with them, but they are truly nice ewes with lots to offer most any shepherd.

Rather than post everything about every ram or ewe, if you want the list info on any of the sheep, just give me a shout. I do offer group discounts.

Available sheep

With my work load continuing to pile up, and less time to spend with the sheep, I am offering the following: My entire flock of BlueFaced ...