Tuesday, April 12, 2011

stunning ram lambs

These stunning moorit ram lambs were born today. Both are stunning. Just beautiful. Since I have their mother's lines heavy in my flock I am offering both for sale. . The first ram is out of FirthofFifth Blottir (Wintertime Forrest x Minwawe Boppitty) and WhitePine Levi. I'm assuming Blottir carries polled, and Levi IS polled, but this boy appears to have horn buds. We shall see what happens to those horns as he grows. He's just beautiful. A better photo tomorrow.

The next two photos are of ShelteringPines Myra (ShelteringPines Starry Night x Canosia Farms May) and her moorit ram lamb. Big horn buds and he is out of FirthofFifth Nekomis. He has some white on his throat but otherwise solid moorit. He's just gorgeous.

Myra's boy again. He was out sunning himself when I came home from work.

The gray kat below is out of WhitePine Levi (F1 Jamie) and FirthofFifth Koosi (F1 Jericho). Both parents have one gene for polled, and this boy IS polled. He could be a full poll, but won't know without test breeding. He carries solid (Aa) and possibly moorit as both parents carry moorit as well. He's a stunning ram. Long legs like his daddy.

Here is the Koosi boy showing off his rear end while Rachildas tries to hog the photo. Since I am keeping both parents (and really wanted a ewe out of Koosi...) this boy will be available. I"ve had both parent lines for awhile now and am really pleased with this cross. It will be repeated. This ram is F2 Jamie/F2 Jericho. A great cross in my book!


Builder Mama said...

They are so handsome! I don't know jack about sheep, but I have been enjoying reading all about the lambing process. Really beautiful animals!

Kelly Bartels said...

Congrats on the nice moorit lambs. And what a great looking gray kat! You are aware of my love for gray kats and I haven't gotten a single one yet this year. I'm crossing my fingers that Salicional will bestow one on me.
I have 3 ewes left to lamb.

Karen B. said...

Congrats on all the fine looking lambs, Garrett. Oh, and I love that photo you use for your header. wow!

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