Monday, June 14, 2010

A diverse flock have I

Ok now know one can call me a 2" fuzzy fleece breeder! :P

This is a black ewe fleece sample. Mid side, last rib. This is her second fleece. Her first fleece microned at close to 30. Way too high to retain as a breeding ewe for purebred. She was bred to the BFL. This is a ewe I bred. Her dam was a 100% domestic ewe with similar fleece. It had a lot of outer coat around the mid side of her belly and her britch, but much less tip, and a more even fleece of 4" the rest of the body. To be honest I was pretty shocked her outer coat was 10". REALLY shocked. Again she doesn't LOOK icelandic (and isn't as soft as one either) as her fleece is not 100% this length. Also to bust a urban legend that double coated sheep don't collect VM, well you can tell by this photo they do. And this is their side, not the neck where it really was bad.

This ewe is 100% domestic. She is one of two of my true shaelas. I've been trying to get an emsket out of her (ewe) for three seasons and I have not gotten one yet. She will be sold this fall as she is too small to use in crossbreeding. Again notice the inner coat is 4", just the like next few photos.....
This is a yearling ewe out of Wintertimes Blues x ShelteringPines Nirvana. I am not able to get 'next to skin' close when getting samples so give or take 1/4" I would guesstimate. With the tip and that room for error, its around 4". Luster, fine, silky, crimpy, soft. I wish this was my pillow top mattress.
This ewe is out of a domestic ewe (Rachildas) and Forrest the fine fleeced black gulmoget. She has bolder crimp and microned around 27 AFD as a three year old. CEM was 8.2, SD 4.6, CV 17. Luster, soft, silky feel. Again around 4".
This is Barnabas. Sire is Heights Orion. Dam is F1 Campaign Timothy (so 75% UK). His crimp is ultra fine and a nice 4"+ fleece with proper tip. The ultra tiny crimp fools you. his fall lamb fleece microned at 28.7 AFD, SD 4.1, CV 15.6, CEM 7.8. I can't wait to see what his spring sample reads.
In conclusion: I don't have 2" fuzzy fleeces. I have a diverse range of fleeces and crimp. I support the standard and fine wooled Shetland Sheep :)


Nancy K. said...

As do I.
I just like them a little longer...

Kara said...

Garrett your comment on tips goes back to my question a while back. Is the 3-5 inches the rooed length that would not include the tip or the fleece on hoof? I took a ruler to my fleeces yesterday too. :) You can see my fleece samples on my sales page under the fleece label. They look like yours too, a variety. The baggies they were on are the snack size that are about just over 6 inches.

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