Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shetland, BFL, Mule, andTexel cross lambs

I'm finding it impossible to take 'good' lambphotos. This first photo is the HORNED gray katmoget ewe lamb out of Jazz and Suzanne's ewe that she has here called Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud. This lambs fleece on her butt was kinda 'fluffy' (not fuzzy!) in the wind today. I love her dark red facial markings and she was spotted at birth so remember that!

Below is the moorit ram lamb out of ShelteringPines Myra and WhitePine Ephraim. He's a stunner. He could be available to the right buyer!
Below I think it is him again (or its Layla's Orion son who looks nearly identical) and WhitePine Rush's (Aman x Rachildas) daughter out of Jazz.
Rush's girl again walking by for me.
Here we have a few katmoget lambs. The smirslet fawn kat in front is out of WhitePine Ephraim (full horned) and FirthofFifth Booto. Booto's twin brother is Barish, who is a proven poll carrier. I think Booto must also carry polled...look at these whimpy horns!

Behind him are two gray katmoegt ewe lambs. Both out of WhitePine Levi. The left one is Sedalia's ewe lamb and the one hiding is out of Sommarang Eva. Sedalia's lamb head looks shaped differently than Eva's lambs. I"m guessing the one on the left is a poll carrier while the other one isn't.
Booto's boy again (hes for sale! F2 Orion F2 Timothy) spotted and carries solid.
Here he is with his momma Booto. Booto looks more like her mother everyday in the face!

The next two photos are of WhitePine CastleRock (Jazz x Chloe) and her WhitePine Roman (Orion x Rachildas) ewe lamb. Look at that growthly lamb!
Nearly book ends....
A great size comparison! The BFL lamb is my Beeston Titan AI lamb out of Beechtree Kearsley. The white in the middle is a Texel x Shetland-Cheviot cross ewe lamb. The ewe on the right is Booto walking away. Booto is three. The BFL and Texel cross are MAYBE 8 weeks old! EIGHT WEEKS!!
Autumn's fancy Mule Ewe lambs out of ShelteringPines Burma (English Blue BFL).
This is Minwawe Dark Chocolate (black Shetland) with ONE of her mule ram lambs. They are three and half weeks younger than Autumn's lambs but still are both REALLY gaining well.
Her is a moorit 8 year old Shetland ewe (Minwawe Flopsy) who is between two 2 year old BFL ewes. Amazing the size difference when they are side by side huh?
Texel x Shetland Mule ewe lamb. She looks tasty! I can't wait to try them out this fall!

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Becky Utecht said...

The third tier lamb looks great Garrett! Have you noticed any ofyour third tier lambs being scurred?
Also, did you get any weights on them yet?

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