Thursday, December 3, 2009

Newest Pigeons arrive from Arizona!

Many thanks to Joe Hammons who sent me these three amazing pair of English Trumpeter Pigeons. As many of you know I lost most of my hard work with the pigeons last fall to a terrible disease I brought back from a show. Joe and other good friends and stewards of the breed have come forward, without asking them to, to donate new birds to me to help me get restarted in the breed. These birds are better than most I've ever bred so it gives me excitement to start with such quality birds!

Karma really does come back around.....all those years of donating birds to young kids or friends in Mexico or Bermuda were never ever thought of anything more than gifts. I never wanted to do anything more than help new people out. And here to my surprise, I am gifted in return. I am truly Blessed!

Below is a young English Trumpeter cock bird with the color of what we call "Dun". Its dilute black genetically. All of their muffs were trimmed so they would not have issues when being shipped (and yes we ship them through the Post Office!)

A beautiful typey young dun hen.

An old red splash cock (anything two years old and older is considered 'old') Our classes are young, yearling, old, in both cocks and hens, and then in all recognized 28 colors.
Old red hen
young yellow cock
young yellow hen

My next shipment of ETs (English Trumpeters) should be arriving from Utah either today or tomorrow! Photos will be forthcoming..


Cynthia said...

Wow Garrett, those are some extremely snazzy birds. You have indeed been an exceptionally giving person and it is always good to see that quality returned. Enjoy sweetie.

Rayna said...

Oooo love the yellow hen!

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