Friday, January 15, 2010

Still Kickin'

Wow its been two weeks since my last post! Who knew?

There hasn't been much news to share. Lots of time to reflect on farm goals, cattle goals, sheep goals, life goals. What exactly do I want to be doing? If you've followed my blog for several years, you'll realize I go through 'this phase' every winter when I have a lot of time to reflect. hopefully it passes soon.

I've spent a lot of time out WITH the animals. Yes even though we've had a huge terrible cold spell for the last three weeks. I've been playing with my first litter of puppies. You can follow them on my dog blog at

I've not looked at my sheep spreadsheets, pedigrees, micron tests or ear tag #s. I've been totally devoted to the sheep. Their care. Their well being. They seem happy. I'm happy. Its always wonderful to nuzzle them or bury your face in their soft wool. I'm remembering why I have the sheep. Their fun personalities and their wool. Their easy keeping, hardiness and individual antics.

I'm going to shear two months early this year. Let's hope that March is snowless and warm (ya right...HERE?) and lambing starts March 1st here. We clean the barn this weekend and will prepare the lambing jugs so they are ready to go when the lambs come. If I don't do it now it will be last minute racing to find where I used the panels for the lambing jugs when there are wet lambs wandering the barn.

I've started seeing someone casually and this also makes me happy. Now if it would snow more, I might be able to pay my bills this month :) Other than that, live is good.....time to go snuggle with the dogs on the couch and watch my Netflix movie!

Enjoy the weekend! Wine and good company (dogs). I doesn't get much better :)


Michelle said...

Good to hear from you; yes, "live" is good. :-) Sounds like your life is good, too! Off to see the puppies....

Nancy K. said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

'Bout time you showed back up!!

How's Snowy? Hopefully you'll save me a nice BFL ram lamb this year - I need one! LOL!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

I love the barn in winter because you get to know all your sheep up close. This is when their personalities really become the ones that ram everyone at the feeder( including you) to eat first,the ones that can open a gate and get into the work area before you,and the ones that love attention.I even have a few that "talk" to me.
Just by their way of following me and looking at me they can schmooze me into anything they want. So much fun and so exciting when the lambs come.
Hope that new person in your life makes you happy too.

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