Friday, January 28, 2011

57 days

Its been 57 days since our last day above freezing (or even 32 for that matter!)

Today was 30 degrees and it was very enjoyable out. The pregnant BFLs and Shetlands even tried kicking up their heels in the 2-3 feet of snow that was compacting much faster underneath their heavier bodies. Now when it says it will be a HIGH of -3 for the next few days that snow will refreeze and the 'ladies in waiting' and myself can walk on top of the drifts. That makes for much easier chore time.

I'm really happy with the condition of my ewes. The Bfls seem either very fat or they are carrying LOTS of lambs. The Shetlands are all well conditioned and although, being a primitive breed, carry their fat around their organs, you can tell that they are still not missing many meals.

I am going to start feeding them twice a day versus once a day as their growing babies are not going to allow for so much food intake at one time. The BFL and Shetland adults are doing well on 1st and 2nd cutting Timothy/orchard/brome mix and the Shetland ewe lambs (yearlings I guess technically) are on nice 2nd cutting alfalfa/timothy blend. Everyone looks quite happy......well except for feeding time when I am MUCH too slow for their needs. The rams and the BFLs at least don't scream. The Shetland ewes and yearlings are MUCH too bossy. Another reason I love 'em lol.

Stay warm everyone! The last few days when its hovered around 30* its been 'so nice' outside that my dad and I have got a lot of things taken care of outside.....gates shoveled out and opened....more roads plowed out around the farm, wood cut and hauled in to the wood stove, snow pushed off of roofs, barns rebedded with new straw, etc. So much for weekends hey?

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Karen Valley said...

When you feed once a day do you feed at night or in the morning? Just curious as my sheep seem to clean up all their a.m. hay by mid-afternoon and wondering how they would fare without another fill-up before nightfall? And how do you determine amounts to feed?

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