Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter in Minnesota


This marks the first day of successive daytime highs of below freezing (32 degrees *F).

That makes 48 days. Below freezing.

I also found out that our area of the state/country has less than 100 days of sunshine. The rest of the days are clouded or overcast. Typically up this way if the sun is out in the winter its because its close to 32 degrees and it feels really warm and the snow starts to melt on the south sides of buildings.

Maybe the overcast days helps to keep the snow that we need to cover the ground?

Regardless the sheep and dogs and cattle take it in stride. I'm just getting sick of the cold. Lambs to start coming March 9th or there abouts. It will be here before I'm ready I'm sure :)


Michelle said...

I'm chuckling here, Garrett, because I remember the January that I lived there it never got above ZERO - for THIRTY DAYS. Yes, it rains here (a lot) and it's grey, but after that winter I am thankful for our weather.

Can't wait to see your lambs; sounds like mine and your first ones are due at the same time.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

After the winter we had last year, I have decided that MN is not for me! Oregon looks pretty good to me Michelle.

Laura said...

It was sunny and super cold yesterday morning. my car wouldn't start-had to jump start it. Today it's cold and cloudy, probably not as cold as yesterday. It seems that around here when it's super cold that it's also sunny.

stephen rouse said...

....and I hope you keep that weather over there! :-)

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