Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally. some photos

Coming up for air...and i know you want to see some photos :) only three ewes left to lamb :) never will I again breed this early, OR this late :)

This white ewe lamb is out of WhitePine Roman (F1 Orion) and ShelteringPines Nirvana. I hope to God she is horned. She has a pink nose :) My first in a white :) And she is the blending of two of my favorite ewes....Rachildas and Nirvana. The perfect blend. She's a keeper :)
WhitePine Salome and her Nekomis gray katmoget son. He had a krunet and obviously carries spots. He's available for sale pending further evaluation.
These three lambs are all lovely. The white is available for sale. He's related to the white ewe above..Same sire, and his mom is WhitePine Neriah, who is a Nirvana x Blues daughter. The moorit kat is most likely going to Oregon and the gray kat is going to New York! Handsome boys they are. The White ram is available for sale pending final evaluation.
Owlhill Butter gave me a spotted musket girl out of WhitePine Caiphas. She's a keeper!
Caiphas also sired this gray kat ewe lamb out of ShelteringPines Fleur De Lis. She's a keeper too.

This POLLED gray katmoget ram lamb is out of FirthofFifth Koosi (shown here...F1 Jericho) and my F1 Jamie polled ram Levi. Koosi proved last year she carried polled so this boy could be double polled/homozygous polled. He's available for sale. I'm repeating that breeding and praying for a ewe :)
Sommarang Eva (left) and her gray kat ewe lamb out of Caiphas. He really produced. I'm tickled with the lambs.
This 3/4 BFL ram lamb carries color and is out of B17 my Shetland Mule from Under The Son. He's a handsome lad and is available as a crossing sire or he is destined for my freezer. Mmmm lamb chops. lol
There's that handsome white lad again. Still for sale :)
Spring is coming. The White Oak trees are finally starting to open their buds. And we are in a frost advisory tonight. Come on grass! The girls are getting restless!


Michelle said...

Garrett, I am SO glad you got a keeper ewe lamb out of Butter this year!

Lots of beautiful lambs pictured, and some sun and green grass too. :-)

stephen rouse said...

Garrett...great photos. Thanks for posting! have been wanting to see your lambs. :-) Nirvana's white ewe lamb is a prize. Wow. Have you ever AI'd Nirvana?

Somerhill said...

Good greif, Garrett! We've had leaves for a month, and people are starting to cut hay!

Rayna said...

Yay photos :) Can't wait to come out and take more :D

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