Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Photos on WSWF

My new sign on Friday morning before the Ram/Ewe inspections and Judges Certification. My bestie friend Tylor made this sign design for me and I love how it turned out. I thought it looked nice against the morning sunrise as well.

The next two photos are of our highly esteemed judges from the UK, Kate Sharp from Scotland and Alan Hill from England. Both have had Shetlands for over 30 years, are both SSS Certified Judges and have judged shows on the Shetland Islands, as well as been SSS Committee members and Alan was the first Chairman of the SSS and is now the current Vice President. They have an amazing amount of knowledge and everyone was so receptive to their information and came away learning a lot and most were able to look at their flocks with a more critical eye. I can't wait for the DVD!

Below was WhitePine Caiphas. He was the ram that was used during the Ram Inspection talk. Kate and Alan have a great sense of humor and commented on my 'barely present' wool on poll (on me, not the sheep). Everyone got a good chuckle and I hope its not edited out because everyone should see them picking on me.
Four of my favorite people. From left to right Theresa, Lori, Juliann and Rich.. They made the weekend very special.
I also had a great first fleece show, taking a 3rd in the colored class with FirthofFifth Nekomis' fleece. The judges really loved me.
Also in the top 10 colored fleeces was WhitePine Lydia's fleece. Kate and Alan said that any of the 10 fleeces in the top would have won a show over there any given day they were all that good! So that was reassuring.
A photo of the ribbons I won. I earned two 3rd places, 3 fourth places and a 5 place. Kate and Alan also said that they would have awarded up to 10 places in most of the classes as there were so many quality animals in each class.
A shot of some of the fleeces on the hoof.
The ram pen.
The ewes.

 Overall the weekend was good. I didn't bring my very best sheep and when Kate and Alan saw my sheep at home they asked me why I didn't bring them to show under them. And i thought the ones I brought did OK. I guess that's a good thing they liked them eh?


Theresa said...

Garrett, I'm going to be smiling every time I see any of the 2011WSWF photos. It was the most memorable Shetland week-end I've had the priviledge of attending.

Michelle said...

Garrett, it was awfully nice of you to leave your best sheep at home so some of the other breeders could win some ribbons, too. (-;

Rick was in Perham the weekend you were in WI!

And Sarai meets a "man" in just two week!

Garrett808 said...

oh gosh! I didn't mean that at all Michelle! LOL I always insert my foot in my mouth! I'm sure everyone else also didn't bring their i in no way meant i would have won if i did. gosh i'm totally embarrassed now!

Michelle said...

Hey, I KNEW what you meant, I just had to tease you a little. (-: Sometimes you're just too easy to embarrass!

Kelly Bartels said...

I agree Michelle, he's so easy to pick on. lol
We all knew what he meant, I brought a selection of fleece types in order to get a diverse selection for review, it was the best way to learn. I thought the educational opportunity was the greatest part of the weekend.
And then they were at my house yesterday sitting on my horses. !!! It was so funny.

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