Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photo Heavy Fall

I had moments of time and wanted to show you a bit of my flock, since i've been obviously absent for awhile.

The first few photos are of the rams. Their new ram paddocks and they are LOVING it. All beefy (for a Shetland) and in pristine health and condition. I called in a deep voice "Here boys" and the first photo is what they did in response. I do not grain or treat my rams. And most are NOT friendly.
This is my F1 Heatheram Lightning ram, WhitePine City High. He is a modified katmoget out of FirthofFifth Koosi who is F1 Todhill Jericho. His horns last fall looked fatal, but they curved around and look pretty good now actually. He's really filled out this summer and I'm taking him to Jefferson with me.
Below the two black based katmogets (City high in the rear, and Flo Rida in the front). They are my  yearlings I am showing this year. Fo Rida is F1 Holly out of ShelteringPines Fleur de Lis. FirthofFifth Kiso is in the far back and is a modified moorit katmoget with scurs. His sire is WhitePine Eprhaim, an F1 Orion who was mioget.
I love to pick on Stephen Rouse. He has grass this tall and says he is in a drought. I hope all of my 'droughts' are this plentiful :) :P Below are my 2 year olds with my 4 year old Jazz in the front. They have all really filled out this year and look really great.All of them are F1s except for Christian (black, horned) who is F2.

Then I went to see the girls in their rotationially grazed paddocks. This is day 2 of their grazing this pen and they didn't want to be moved and were for the most part wary of my presence. This is the closest they have been to the buildilngs since lambing.
Another shot. It was a bit brisk today at 65 and overcast and windy. Sure signs of fall.

Below is my true shaela (whole color, not blend of black/white fibers) WhitePine Skor. Her daughter is a Levi offspring who looks like she may be modified as well. I'll know more when shearing comes as it took her mother and grandmother the same amount of time to tell me what they would be. Skor is a bit lower in leg than some of my others (the word diversity strikes me here) and her daughter has the same lower leg, which is fine with me!

Justalit'l Black Lambo. A vision at ten years of age. Behind her is her yearling gray katmoget Blu Cantrell (F1 Jericho) and behind them is Lambo's 2 year old F1 Orion daughter Bethany. I'm amazed at the family groups that stay bonded even when seperated for lambing or breeding groups.

Sheltering Pines Catalonia. One of two BFL adult ewes left on my farm. She's never been friendly until this year and she was a welcome guest for scratches.
Winter Sky Layla almost came up to me. she is a mioget F1 Orion out of Underhill Loretta Lynne. she was bred purebred two years and two years to the BFL for mules. Her lambs are always growthy, and her first year shetland ram was a tasty yearling i butchered and ate. Her lamb this year is a Mule ram lamb so I'll probably keep him to eat too.

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