Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Goals

I've been spending too much time in the barn these past few weeks. We have no snow, temperatures are finally normal (below zero for a high) for this time of year and I sit out with the girls in my full Carhart bibs and jacket and my BOGS insulated knee high boots.

I've concluded several MUST DO's for this 2012 year. Some things are a gradual improvement from year to year and will never be complete (like breeding the perfect 1927 standard Shetland). Things I am NEED to do this year are the following:

*Continue fencing with permanent fence. There is a 25 acre pasture that I would like to fence in to paddocks. either 3 or 5 acre paddocks. If I can afford to do the perimeter fence with permanent fencing the inside would be doable with the electro-net from Premier 1 Supplies.

*Said pasture would need to be reseeded/frost seeded/inter-seeded, one paddock at a time (or two).

These above two projects would be quite time consuming and expensive, but on top of my priority list.

*I've been invited over to the UK for a trip to the Shetland Islands and/or the National SSS show in Melton. I haven't decided if I can afford to go there for either but this is high on my wish list. If I would go, there would be many ram inspections done in hopes of finding a few rams to collect and have their semen send back to the US for a much needed new dose of blood.There are several on the 'short list' already but need/want to see them in person, although I trust their breeders' knowledge way better than my own :)

*I wish to continue to market my wool, meat and breeding stock in every manner possible. I need to have more wool processed in to roving and quilt batts as that seems to be the majority of my sales so far.

*There are several things I really would like:

Gulmoget horned ram with fine fleece and stellar conformation

Solid moorit horned ram with fine fleece and stellar conformation

Texel ram for terminal lamb production for my Mules.

Thus far I have been very blessed and fortunate to have outlets for many of my breeding stock, meat and wool, but with 100+ Shetlands, there is always wool to be sold. I'm lucky the local Spinning Guild supports and LOVES my 1927 standard Shetland Wool.

We shall see what 2012 brings. I'm quite eager to see if my breeding groups were wise ones. I'm excited but am more confident that I will know what to expect from my breedings. I can always be proven wrong, but over the years I've been honing in on who to breed to who and fortunately its in the right direction :)

My list seems shorter this year than years prior, but I feel that I'm really making progress towards what I want to do. If i can get this new 25 acres fenced in for sheep, I would be able to grow my Mule flock upwards of 100 ewes for terminal lambs and that would be incredible!


Kanisha said...

Sounds like your time spent in the barn has been well used:-). I admire your direction and enthusiam. With that kind of drive I'm sure you'll get there.

Kelly Bartels said...

Noble goals indeed my friend. My goal for 2012.......???? Get to your house to see your sheep!!!

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