Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sheep in.....winter??

The first couple photos show our 1-2 inches of snow we have. It was 36 degrees today. Our average high is 15 for this day historically. Last week we had night time temps of -46 windchill and -29 normal temp.  That's nearly a 65 degree swing in temps. And yet the animals take it all in stride!

Below is part of the ewe flock.

Below is ShelteringPines NIrvana on the left (horned gray katmoget) 5 year old ewe, and her 2 year old daughter WhitePine Nivea (F1 Jericho daughter). I love how families still stick together after years.
 Here we see a 4 year old BFL ewe with a 2 year old white ewe in front of her and the moorit in front is FirthofFifth Ashegon. She is the dam of the WSWF 2011 Grand Champion ram. She's a dainty ewe at 64# and has only singled but her lambs are impressive.
 The shaela in front is WhitePine Skor (2007 model) with a few other girls around her. the gullie is BlackForest Tersk, the gray katmoget bleset is an F1 Jericho and the white behind Skor is one the foundation ewes RYL Rachildas. She'll be 10 this year :)
This photo shows a now yearling Shetland mule from the UnderTheSon flock. The mioget smirslet sokket behind her is a Shetland ewe from Stephen's flock (ShelteringPines Cabotine) and the gray katmoget is ShelteringPines Nessebar (i think)).

Here is one of the NCC x Shetland ewes also from UnderTheSon farm. She will be 3 I believe this spring.

Another Shetland-Cheviot from UTS Farm.
And of course the bossy WhitePine Sedalia below. She starts bashing my knee if I stop scratching her and try to pet one of the other 12 girls that want some attention. I usually give in.....I value my knee cap ;)

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Sherbet Sheep said...

Sherbet Sheep loves all your sheep photos. We found you while googling for other sheep blogs xx

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