Saturday, February 25, 2012

Facts Are Stubborn Things

I saw this and thought immediately of the turmoil that has happened since basically NASSA's creation. Just because you have been saying something for 20+ years doesn't make it right! Plus no documentation of said hearsay has been found until 2004 when they created something. Facts, Evidence and Documentation of all things historical about Shetland, can be found here: Shetland History

I find that everything historical and documented is much greater evidence and proof than someone's opinion that is trying to be made gospel. Just sayin'. You make the decision.


Cynthia said...

Well said kiddo.

Jared Lloyd said...

Precisely. The Hebrideans are suffering the same fate as modern Shetlands. Becoming uniform, two horned and evenly black with no roan fibers, and very few polycerates and tufted animals. Shetlands are becoming Anglicized, commercialized and it's a shame, in my opinion, because of the subsequent weakening of primitive traits. I'll stick to what the old timers on Shetland had to say, and ignore the Englishman, but that might just be my Welsh and Irish blood coming out...

I've made my decision based on what I've researched independantly, and what I saw in the North American Shetlands twenty years ago, and what I've seen in the UK.

I expect people to have the sense to breed the style that works in their management system and environment. Mine look like the old hill sheep on the islands, yours like the improved/standardized sheep on the mainland and they are equally Shetland in origin and type. Just different lines for differrent purposes.

There are VERY distinct differences in type between the "big white" Flock Book sheep, the SSS hobby flocks and hill sheep on the islands. None are any less Shetland, just bred for different purposes. I'm very sad that I cannot get the interviews, photographs, DNA and wool samples for analysis for my book. I think it will show that everyone is bent out of shape over points that are relatively moot.

I'm not trying to sound pretentious in any way. You know me better than that. I hope that you can respect that I find the information on that site very exclusively slanted to the improved stock.

Jared- your renegade friend.

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