Thursday, April 5, 2012

a few photos

Some of the lambs. Since these were taken i've had 6 more sets of twins and 4 more singles. *sigh*(!!!) of to work i go! Can't wait to see what I find when I get home! Oh yea, my first Leicester Longwool cross was born today English blue ram. NOW THAT IS CUTE! :)

This lamb below is a Shetland Mule. Mom is mioget, dad English blue.

The spotted badgerface below is also a Shetland Mule.
As is this spotted Engligh Blue ewe lamb.
A little mioget Shetland ewe lamb!


Kelly Bartels said...

Lots of chrome at Ole Ramsay Farms this year. Yeeehawww!

Cynthia said...

Well now you HAVE been having a good time! Nice season so far Garrett!

Eryn Mord said...

Gorgeous babies G, what a blessing! I wish I could come visit, do let me know if you get up this way & make sure I've got the kettle on! xx

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