Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lambing is complete

After a 10 day hiatus of no lambs, the last ewe lambed yesterday. Sheltering Pines Amarige (fawn katmoget) gave me twin black rams out of WhitePine Christian.

We ended up having two ewes open, but we also did not have a clean up ram. This was the earliest I've ever had the majority of the ewes lamb (first week of April) and I'm pleased with the overall results. Lambing percentage was 140% with all crosses, Shetlands and BFLs. I had on average 12 ewes lamb every day for 9 days straight. It was pandemonium and I'm glad to have it over with AND I didn't have to use hormones to synchronize them :)

I've had quite an interest in lambs so please inquire about what is or will be available. I also will be selling about 20 purebred ewes this year, as well as putting more of my purebreds to the BFL for more Mules next year so purebred Shetlands next year will be limited.


Kelly Bartels said...

I'm glad you are finally done.......I, on the other hand, still have 2 ewes to go.
You should see the ram lamb that Challis gave me this morning...he's a flashy little guy.

Cynthia said...

very lovely lambs Garrett.

erica said...

Are you going to WI sheep and wool festival this year? I am interested in hearing about any friendly, fine fleeced ewes you may part with.

farmnwife said...

Hello, I would like to have you as a featured farmer on my site farmnwife.com
If you would like to please email me or use my contact page there.

erica said...

I am in the market for adding a few more sheep to my flock. You mentioned having some older girls available. I am mostly looking for girls that grade at a 3 or lower, that are friendly. I especially like coal black, moorit, shaela, and emsket. You can email me at EricaQSolis@gmail.com

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