Monday, May 21, 2012

photos of the flock

Had to get some photos of some of the available sheep so I thought i'd give you a few more photos of the flock since I had them up behind the barn.
Below Is the Moget Face ewe who is my only F1 Minder ewe I ever got. The musket is OwHill butter F2 Orion/F2 Greyling/F3 Orion, and the fawn kat spottie is a ewe lamb i'm keeping!
Below is the BFL ewe ShelteringPines Catalonia with her twin white lambs (ram and ewe) the ram is sold and the ewe is being retained. Tylor loved the faces of all the sheep in the photo. I tend to agree.
WhitePine Eiffel 65 the spotty kat with her spotty kat ewe lamb. The moorit ewe lamb in front is polled ewe out of a polled ram and polled ewe. She's available for sale.
My F1 Jericho ewe (spotty kat) with her fawn spotty kat). NFS.
A yearling colored Mule ewe with a 3/4 BFL, 1/4 Shetland ram that is available for sale.
This morrit gulmoget spotty is for sale. Dam is FirthofFifth Anki and sire is Crosswind Apollo.
A few friendly lambs below.
This 3/4 BFL ram is sold to a Clun Forest flock to make Mules. He looks pretty pureblood doesn't he? :)
This colored cross lamb is already 47 pounds at 7 weeks. He's 1/2 BFL, 1/4 Cheviot and 1/4 Shetland. He's a tank.
Two more Shetland mule rams. The one in front is spotted AND badgerface.

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Michelle said...

I probably can't make it work, but I call first dibs on that polled moorit ewe lamb. Email me!

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