Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stock available

Trying to catch up with life. My sows are finally getting close to farrowing (that's giving birth in pig talk), the cows are half way done calving, I have 3 pups still looking for homes and the upcoming Cardigan National club has 2 days of Supported Entries at our Fargo show. I'll be showing VERY little this year. I had a wickedly poor winter with no snow, so trying to catch up and get caught up with life, bills and priorities in my life.

I have had a wonderful spring with lambing. Some freak accidents/incidents but more things to chalk up to experience I guess. Twenty rams (yearlings and adults) were put in their paddocks about 2 weeks ago now, and the ewes and lambs FINALLY got put out to pasture 6 days ago. Our grass finally came in enough to put them out on it, much to their satisfaction.

I still have sheared. I've been rooing sheep as needed, but obviously the BFL, Mules and LLs will need to be hand sheared or sheared by the professional shearer. He's pretty much booked up through mid-June.

I am planning on going to the NAtional BFL show in Wooster, Ohio next week, followed by BSG again in Eugene Oregon per the request for transportation again this year. I will NOT be able to go next year, so you either get sheep this year, or in two year :) Big exciting plans for next June, so stay tuned for that!

I have to take photos of sheep for several people and I hope to have help doing so this weekend if it works out for them. Taking photos of sheep in knee deep grass, half a mile from home is never easy :)

If you are looking for something, please inquire. I have some lovely sheep available for pure breeding or crossing. I plan to cross quite a few Shetlands this fall to meet the demand for the lamb locally here so will not have as many pure bred next year.

Life is otherwise getting better. Work is busy, which is much needed. Personal life is not perfect but its going fairly well. I have a lot of big plans for the year, and next so will be exciting to do that and let you know about it as it progresses.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather as of late and I always love hearing from you, my friends.

Be good


Kelly Bartels said...

Swing by my blog to view Garrett and what he was doing last weekend.......and no, his weekend activities did not require bail. :)
Love the teaser about your plans for June 2013.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

OK Kelly, I'll taker your teaser. No bail, huh? See you next Thursday Gerrett.

Sharrie said...

Pick out a Shetland ewe lamb for me. Fleece is primary, temperament and conformation secondary. I will get her whenever you choose.

Karen Valley said...

Looking for spotted gulmoget ewe lambs.

Available sheep

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