Thursday, August 28, 2014

 The ewes below represent some proven ewes, as well as some younger ewes, that, due to having to cut back further, will be available. When you go from 135 sheep, down to 50 in two years (just Shetland ewes, not lambs or rams) it is a huge undertaking. Stressful, heart breaking and a huge lesson in hard decisions and proud moments.

The three horned ewes are proven, and are extremely rare. I traveled around Shetland, Scotland and England and didn't see a single horned ewe. there are few in the USA or Canada as well, and the horned ewe gene is inherited differently than the horned ram/hornless ewes, or the polled gene. I have something from these ewes (Nirvana has 13 offspring or grand kids here) so she can go help promote horned ewe genetics elsewhere. her style, look and type are all very shetland like and she will stay here forever if she doesn't find a home that will use her genetics.

ShelteringPines Nirvana - gray katmoget horned ewe - 2007 born. Underhill Thelonius Monk x ShelteringPines Modron. She carries moorit, spots and is one of my foundation ewes. She just tipped over 30 micron for the first time ever so she's a grade 3 fleece in FFSSA due to AFD. shes about 115 pounds
AFD 30.4, SD 5.4, CV 17.7 CEM 9.2 All outstanding numbers. She's produced some incredible rams and ewes. i've kept them all. $300


WhitePine Salome - black yuglet flecket sokket horned ewe - 2009 born. WinterTime Jazz AI x ShelteringPines Snow Cloud. She hasn't produced moorit yet, but lots of flash. her tail looks longer but it isn't. very square, shorter legged ewe. i've retained two daughters and a son. 80 pounds. Grade 2-Premium fleece in FFSSA. $300
AFD 28, SD 5.7, CV 20.2, CEM 9.8 She's produced!


UnderThSon Souchong - white horned ewe - 2010 born. She is a UTS Broderick (orion) x UTS Hopi. She produced a fantastic ram lamb so i'm keeping him. She is square and bigger (100 pounds). Grade 3 fleece in FFSSA due to AFD. $300
AFD30.2 SD 5.8, CV 19.2 CEM10.2


BlackForest Tokhara - she's fawn, or light moorit. F2 Orion out of a flashy spotted gullie. I kept her son from last year who I'm in love with, and a ewe form the year prior. 85# Grade 3 fleece in FFSSA due to CV. Proven modified, carries spots.
AFD 23.4, SD 6.4, CV 27.3, CEM 12.5 $275 RESERVED


WhitePine Lexington - fawn/light moorit. F2 orion. She's Crosswind Apollo (mioget wildly spotted) x Wintersky Layla AI (horned). she isn't horned. She's a bigger girl (100) with nice fleece, but not nice enough for me (hey i have to cut back). her sisters are just a hair better. Grade 2 fleece in FFSSA.

AFD 24.8, SD 6, CV24.3, CEM12 $275 RESERVED


WhitePine Eureka - spotted gray kat (Donna this is the one in all the close up photos you liked!) CrossWind Apollo (mioget wildly spotted) x WhitePine Eiffel 65 (she's a jazz daughter). I showed her at WSWF last year and made the cut under the UK judge. Her mom is slightly better (she's nothing to sneeze at either) but here she is. Grade 2 fleece in FFSSA.
AFD 25.3, SD 6.4, CV 25.3, CEM 12.3 yearling fleece. $275 RESERVED


S'more Mamba - black light badgerface ewe. She produced a decent ewe lamb last year. If she doesn't sell, i'll keep her, as her conformation and rare pattern are enough to keep her here. Grade 1 fleece in FFSSA. Outstanding ewe line.
AFD 24.8, SD 5.8, CV 23.3, CEM 10.7 $300


WhitePine Skor born 2007. shaela. Gorgeous, full bodied, proven ewe. Always twins. I can't seem to match her with the right rams, fleece wise. She wasn't micron tested this last year as she was at Cynthia's already over the winter (she was going to be leased elsewhere but that didn't work out). She's available for $275. Grade 3 in FFSSA last micron test. RESERVED

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