Monday, November 24, 2014

fourth and final breeding group

This year I have only had 4 groups together. Why, when I have 14 rams? Well, the easy answer is that I am not home a lot to be watering and feeding animals every day, like I used to. I also have so many nice rams now, that choosing who went with who, was fairly difficult, and so I kind of went by 'age'. Since I had no lambs this year, everyone was yearling or older. My oldest two, are both four and hadn't been used so I figured it was their time.

After utilizing F1 rams from AI every year, this year was no different, but I also used several F2, which are equally as nice. Several of these rams are going to be offered for sale, but about half of these rams will be processed in the spring as I cannot keep this many, and there are tiny reasons why I don't like each one. this is my best group of rams to date, so its hard to see any go. But go they must. I am hoping for some wonderful ram lambs to replace them with, when lambing starts end of march, 2015.

Anyway my last group is with a beautiful dark gray katmoget ram. He's a yearling and unnamed. WP1334 is a Jazz son out of WhitePine Beyonce (F2 Orion/F2 Jamie) who now resides in WA state with Franna. His microns were amazing (best ever for me) so I am using him on uewes that could use a little tweaking in areas that he excels in. Not only is he fine, but his conformation is one of my best. His fleece color and markings are lovely so i am hoping for gorgeous katmogets out of him.

**Any polled ram lambs will be available for sale, no matter how good of quality.**

WhitePine Nivea AI - gray katmoget - Jericho x Nirvana. She always produces and so this should be nothing unusual.

WhitePine Tecate - gray katmoget - FirthofFifth Nekomis x WhitePine Terah. Also lovely markings and fleece. eager to see what is produced.

WhitePine Des'ree - black krunet - Levi AI x Sommarang Eva. a fantastic ewe so anything here should be nice. very dense fleece.

WhitePine Roesound - gray katmoget - Whitepine Flo Rida AI (Holly) x WhitePine Rihanna AI (Jamie). gorgeous head and markings. dense fleece.

WhitePine Noss - white - Robb x WhitePine Neriah. she is a lovely white ewe who looks just like the whites you see in the UK. hoping for a nice white to move forward with.

WhitePine Uri - black - WhitePine Flo Rida AI (Holly) x ShelteringPines Amarige. she is also very dense and well put together.

WhitePine Nicollet - fawn katmoget smirslet sokket. Crosswind Apollo x WhitePine Nina Sky AI (Jericho). a ewe I was on the fence about, but decided to keep her after having friends go over her. I'd like to fix her tail a bit, and lower her CV. this ram should do the trick.

WhitePine Scatsa - gray katmoget horned - WhitePine Flo Rida AI (Holly) x WhitePine Snow Patrol (Jazz daughter). I'm looking to improve a few things with her too, but she is nothing to sneeze at.

Whistlestop 1204 - moorit - lots to like about her. she is mostly from island stock so curious to see how the fleece improvement will work over this type.

ShelteringPines Cabotine - mioget smirslet sokket flecket - Fudge x ShelteringPines Ceylon. An extreme mioget (meaning very light) but has produced nice lambs (like Carver, a ram I using for breeding). I love the dam's pedgree so hoping to capitalize on that in this breeding.

Late to the party, but still in with him are two newly acquired ewes:

Sheltering Pines Bengal - gray katmoget - She is a lovely ewe that I am excited to get my hands on. I think these lambs will be incredible, so hoping for something nice to keep!

Sommarang Isla - moorit FirthofFifth Avyt x Sommarang Ginger (a V Creek Guinevere grand daughter) I picked up in New York from Rich and Jen Johnson at Whispering Pines. Her micron, conformation and pedigree were all something i wanted to utilize (and proven to not be polled!)

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