Sunday, November 23, 2014

third breeding group

I had promised to post this last week, but work and farm got in the way! For photos and more info usually, check out our FaceBook Page: Ramsay Farms!

The third group is UnderTheSon Duke Cardiff. He is a musket, four year old, fully horned ram with an AFD of 25.8 and SD of 5.4. He's extremely dense, nice length to fleece, and put together very well! He's also a gentleman around the ladies, and a silky soft handle.

His ewes:
WhitePine Delting - black sokket krunet flecket - ShelteringPines Jardin de suspendu x WhitePine Des'ree (F2 Jamie). I would love a gray out of her, and her fleece is short (under 2") as a lamb so hoping for longer staple. her micron was 19.5 with an SD of 4.1 and CEM of 7, so that's ok ;)

WhitePine Clousta - black - She is out of ShelteringPines Jardin de suspendu x WhitePine Colby Cailaigh AI (Timothy). with fantastic numbers micron wise i'm hoping for a nice gray out of her too.

ShelteringPines Tresor - is a Fudge x ShelteringPines Debonaire ewe. a definite polled ewe, i'm hoping for a ewe that carries Duke's horn genetics or a ram that is horned (its possible with her genetics too).And gray or musket is fine with me here :) Also like to maker her fleece denser and longer staple.

WhitePine Taconite - black gulmoget - OK Acres Cadillac x BlackForest Tilly. she is my ideal Shetland, in the gulmoget form. Now if I just had 10 of her. So baby steps...maybe and Ag Gulmoet, or heck any gulmogets with their fleeces and his length of staple.

WhitePine Reawick - white ewe - ShelteringPines TelSay Camden (spotted gulmoget) x WhitePine Robyn. I'd like to see what she is under the white. She had great numbers as a lamb, but would like to make her crimpy tinier, and fix her tail (its not bad, but not my best). a nice white would be fine, or anything else too

WhitePine Asahi - moorit - WhitePine Levi AI (Jamie) x FirthofFifth Ashanti. she carries spots and is a gorgeous ewe. But most likely polled. So she will hopefully have a knock out lamb or two so I can keep them. she is a nice ewe but will be for sale if she has the proper lambs.

WhitePine Noche Bueno - moorit - small horns - WhitePine Caiphas AI (Holly) x WhitePine Naomi (Blues x Nirvana). A lovely girl. I hope for lovely brown based lambs.

WhitePine Adele AI - moorit - Orion x FirthofFifth Ashanti. she carries spots but am hoping for just anything, as I'm sure they'll be lovely.

WhitePine Bethany AI - moorit - Orion x Justalit'l Black Lambo. probably my best ewe for conformation, size, fleece staple/length, microns and 'look'. I am so excited to see these lambs.

WhitePine Blu Cantrell AI - gray katmoget. Jericho x Justalit'l Black Lambo. she produced such a stunning lamb in 2013, that it was agreed to give her another try with a different ram. So we shall see what shakes out.

WhietPine Eureka = smirslet sokket gray katmoget. I can never remember if her sire is CrossWind Apollo or OK Acres Cadillac. Her dam is WhitePine Eiffel 65, a jazz daughter. She was to be sold, but things change, so she went in with Duke to see if I can get any spots (or Ag lambs). We shall see.

ShelteringPines Mademoiselle - fawn katmoget -. A gorgeous ewe out of Fudge x UnderHill Amethyst. Amethyst was a favorite of mine at Stephens so i'm so glad I was able to get her daughter. Id like to get her fleece more dense, so hoping Duke can do that.

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