Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Well the whole thread of talk about modified and what is and what isn't and what we think is, but really isn't has gotten me all excited because of my love of genetics. Each lamb born this spring looked moorit but was told that the modifieds usually 'turn' into their adult color as they age the first few months to a year. I'm now just seeing that happen in several of my 'moorit' lambs...they are atleast going to be fawn. One of my yearling ewes who was moorit before the shearing looks very fawn now after she has been sheared. She isn't completely there but she sure is on her way. photos do no justice either thanks to my old 2.2 megapixel digital camera!!

I've thought that I just may indeed have an entire flock of modified ewes (which is great!) that most people work a long time at to get. Why am I so lucky?

This blogging thing is kind of getting the best of me. I've blogged just about every free moment I have had the past few I know why you guys think its so addicting!

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