Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stress Reliever

Sitting out with the sheep in the evenings before they get the lights turned out is quite relaxing. This is a time for new friends to introduce themselves to me or for me to look at the girls in a more confined, stress free environment.

Tonight Maya, who is quite inquisitive, yet never has allowed me to scratch her came up and stood for me. Ever so gently and slowly I reached out to scratch her neck. Her eyes immediately closed and she allowed to scratch her neck and head and back and chest with both my hands, standing very patiently for me.

There were three very IMPATIENT other sheep waiting for my hands to come back to them. Buttons, Cleo and Cleo's son PayDay. Buttons even got mad enough she tried climbing on me and tried pawing my chest. We all know that doesn't go well with me, so I gently set her back down on the ground, where she immediately came back up and was like "no, i'm not going anywhere its MY turn!". Needless to say my fingers were quite black from the oils and dirt on their fleeces. Such silly critters!


Nancy K. said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when these inately timid and fearful animuls TRUST us to be their friend? Sitting with my ewes is THE most relaxing thing that I do.

And I know what you mean about the greasy, black fingers....(it's the sign of a good shepherd!)

Nancy K. said... time I'll "PREVIEW" before I post a comment. I, obviously, meant: fearful a n i m a l a s

Nancy K. said...

a. n. i. m. a. l. s.

(I THINK)? it's HOT outside....

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