Sunday, December 16, 2007

Permanent Christmas Tree

Well its not a Charlie Brown tree. Its native to California I believe. My mom has had one for a long time and its only reached 3 feet tall. its beautiful. I decided to buy the largest one I could (14" pot) and its 7 feet tall! It has surpassed all my expectations and is beautiful. Better yet Rayna got me some Cardigan Christmas tree balls with different colored cardigans on them doing various activities. Better yet my dogs DON'T pay attention to it and it takes up that bare spot in my living room. I think it looks pretty. But then again I'm a guy and I'm single LOL. Any tree at this point is good right?

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Kathy said...

Garrett, Is that a Norfolk Island pine? If so, they come from Down Under where, with perfect growing conditions there, are way over 60' tall and are considered a noxious weed-tree! We just love to see them in New Zealand as there arae a couple of them near the airport in Auckland that welcome us each time we're there.

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