Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Well hi there :)

Glad you stopped by. Yes I'm still alive. No I am not sick anymore. I am ready for winter to be over (where did all this snow come from?!!)

I was deathly sick for a good solid 9 days before getting better. since then i've been on the rampage. I've been eating super healthy, running three miles a day, drinking only water and 100% juice (no caffeine!) and have been tanning. I know this last thing is a bit of a negative but FWIW, I need this extra time of direct sunlight. There aren't many days in the winter that are not overcast and it becomes dreadfully boring here and lonely in the winter months. Short amount of daylight and way less time spent outside, doing the things i do. Chores make it, well a chore, to get out of the warm house and tend to the animals. Once I"m out there though, the animals envelope me and i can't resist sitting and talking with all the different groups of critters I have. Its quite relaxing and refreshing.

The past few days we have been hit with about a foot of snow. It snowed in a way where I had to go one entire evening, the following entire day and then this morning. Next storm is supposed to hit tomorrow morning through wednesday am and I'm so exhausted from moving so much snow so fast in such little time that I'm quite honestly overwhelmed! I even had to bring in the dad and brother-in-law and MAKE them volunteer to help me. I'd still be out there if they hadn't helped me out!

There are 100 things I could think of to blog about. But none seem so exciting to post about them. I'd call all of my readers and talk but quite frankly at the end of the day I'm so beat I'd rather just sit and stare at the wall (or watch my corgis as they are so dang entertaining). So bear with me a few more days and after I get back from pushing more snow , and then off to a pigeon show in Des Moines and then a dog show in St Cloud, I'll hopefully have a few days where I can catch up and blog my little heart out.

So starting next week it'll be helpful if you check back often during the first part of the week to see all the new posts I"ll be writing. They may not have photos (which sure make for a more enjoyable reading IMHO, but they'll bring you up to speed on what i've been doing.

Thanks Sabrina for calling me to check on me, and to Michelle for the email to see where I ran off to. Its appreciated!


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

I'm so glad to hear you feel better! And thank you for letting us know so. If you ever get in a jam again, don't hesitate to ask for help.

And thanks for all the blog comments. I've missed you too! Life can get so muffled in the middle of winter-it's nice to have interaction with friends to wake up the senses.

Sounds like you are doing a very good job of taking care of yourself. Does the tanning really help? I've been wondering if that might help with my wanting to sleep so much. Really, I wish I could hibernate with the other sensible animals, but "no luck" with that schedule. :)

Have a really good day!

Garrett808 said...

Hey Sabrina, I really do think the tanning helps. Even with all the studies to prove it isn't good for you I really think that being under that intense light for even 15 minutes really helps ME mentally battle the dreaded long hours of darkness. Maybe its just something I've made myself believe is helping but in years past when I tanned (mostly in college) I always felt better after going. Its worth a try :)

Bill Stearman said...

Welcome Back Garrett.

Some of us older folk do miss your posts. From my perspective, they remind me of what youth ... used to be like ... ;-)

Look after YOU as well.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Glad to see you back, Garrett. Don't miss the snow up there at all, even when it grey and rainy here. :-) You know, they do make "light therapy boxes" as well as "natural spectrum" lightbulbs that would give you the needed "sunshine" without the risk of skin cancer. We don't want you to die young from depression OR melanoma!

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