Monday, December 8, 2008

A few dog related photos from this weekend first of all!

A couple of dog related photos from the Wine and Cheese tasting party. They did NOT taste either mind you, but Briony brought them some (People Crackers) (instead of animal crackers...get it?)

Babies begging from Briony

More of the babies begging from Briony

The girls are begging again from Briony (do you see a pattern here?)

Mitcham and Oliver waiting their turn to come see everyone.

Mitcham telling Briony how much he loves her (she was there to pick him up with me in September and he slept on her lap the whole way home!)


Oliver showing off his pretty neck and big ears! He took a liking to Jamie at the party (I think it was to keep away from Jatten and Wush) Oliver has seen Wush 100x and yet he just doesn't like him. I tell everyone he is my best judge of Character LOL

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Dawn said...

MItcham is getting so BIG!

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