Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breeding groups are done!

'Jazz hands' has been finding ways out of his pen from his ladies, into the ram lamb pen for the past four days. I've had enough of it, so all of the girls went back together and all the boys are in a squeeze chute where they can smell each other but can't back up and bash heads. I figure if Jazz would rather be with the 'boys' that his ladies must surely be bred :)

The girls were mostly excited to be back together and mother/daughter bonds were renewed. The clean up ram(s) will be put with their group(s) on the 17th or so....whenever they decide (or I do) that the groups need to be put back together.

The greatest thing about this year's breeding groups is that I didn't have to break ice out of the water troughs, and the weather has been recently quite nice out (not freezing at night) so I've thoroughly enjoyed the breeding groups in something less than a blizzard like years past!

The funniest moment of the day is when the quarantined girls from Cynthia were let out with the rest of the flock in the pasture. The three of them stuck together like peas in a pod and when they saw the cattle jumping and kicking up their heels in the next pasture they literally FLIPPED (yes one appeared to do a backwards somersault) out and took off running back to the shelter. LMAO I did. The other quarantined girls from Susan Kimball were released at the same time and they looked at the cattle with the slightest interest. They must have seen your cattle Susan? At any rate they were all quite excited to be back outside where they could stretch out their legs. I think they'll sleep well tonight :)


susan said...

yes, my sheep usually share the pasture with cows during parts of the year. I don't like to have them together though when I am feeding hay to the cattle. They get hay all over the backs of the sheep!

Laura said...

How many days did you leave your groups together? Mine have 7 more days and then they all go together with the crossing sires!

Donna said...

How do you use squeeze shoots with the rams?!? I use a small pens with tires in the middle but they still get all bloody. I have not lost one yet though.

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