Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Johne's Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our results are starting to come back from our blood draw last week.

Our entire mature flock of 54 animals has been tested negative for Johne's. As expected!

I have decided at this point in time to close my flock for the most part, and only allow animals in that have been tested prior to coming here (in a well educated purchased) or tested at my farm in quarantine (more of an impulse buy). Those animal will have to test negative for all tests that I am testing for to maintain the negative flock status. I can really see that there will be few animals that I 'need' to get and should be able to breed from within my own flock to make the animals that I am looking for (gosh I hope so!)

Further, I am going to do fecals on all animals that come into my farm hopefully prior to them getting here or again in quarantine. I'm not being 'anal' (pun heavy) about doing fecals but if I'm going to spend the money to draw blood and test for those diseases I sure should be doing fecals as those seem to be a larger problem with sheep in general.


Rayna said...

Congrats hun :)

Angela Rountree said...


Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Doing fecals sounds like a good decision. I am looking around for some good equipment to do my own too since my last results from the vet left me with questions. Parasites are a big problem here in the East.The summer is a time of frequent FAMACHA and vigilance to keep healthy lambs. New additions to the flock are especially prone to problems until they acclimate. My adults are very resistant so I figure the efforts on the lambs are worth it.

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