Friday, November 13, 2009

One last breeding group

The BFLs and the Shetland ewes that were bred to the BFL were put in together on October 7th, and were separated on November 11th.

The Shetland purebreds were put together on October 12th and separated November 10th.

Champ the Texel wasn't put in with his girls until October 25th and will remain in with his girls until Thanksgiving. I didn't have a marking harness on him until about a week ago, so they either were bred right away, before the marking harness, or haven't cycled yet. I"m hoping for the former!

I'm going to be putting my clean up rams in with the girls in a week. One BFL for all the BFLs (and a few shetlands for those mules!) (and including the BFL AI girls) and two shetland rams in with two groups of Shetlands. I had an odd idea to put two mature rams in with the girls, instead of two ram lambs, but I still can't decide. I"m hoping most are already bred!!

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