Monday, February 14, 2011

Rams used for 2011 lambs

I was looking through my micron results from 2010 and thought i'd recap the rams I used last fall for 2011 lambs.

I only used a ram lamb for my BFLs and did not do fall lamb tests.

Wintertime Jazz (87.5%UK) His third fleece test was 26.7 AFD, 5.4 SD, 20.1 CV, CEM 9.1 with a spin fineness of 25.8. He's proven himself as a breeder here for three breeding seasons.

WhitePine Barnabas (76%UK) Yearling fleece test was 22.3AFD, 5.3 SD, 23.9 CV, CEM 10.6 and SF of 22.2. He's a modified fawn katmoget of Orion and Timothy lines.

WhitePine Caiphas (65% UK) F1 Holly (horned) gray katmoget ram used for clean up this year. AFD 21.9, SD 4.7, CV21.5, CEM 8.8 with a SF of 21.4

WhitePine Roman (56% UK) F1 Orion white horned ram. 2nd year I've used him! AFD 22.3, SD 5.1, CV 23.1, CEM 10.1 with a SF of 22.1

WhitePine Levi rooed completely in February before I did fleece samples last year so I didn't get his yearling fleece microned. I did have a fall lamb micron but can't find my organized papers...ahem. I do remember it was lovely or I wouldn't have used him on 9 ewes this year. 2nd year I used him as well.

FirthofFifth Nekomis. A Jazz nephew (his sire is Blues and out of Bramble Nadeen) and also gray katmoget. His TWO year old fleece was AFD 21.8 / SD 4.6 / CV 21 / CF 97.8%. I like this boy. A lot. I'm excited to see what he produces

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Kelly Bartels said...

Great numbers Garrett!

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